Spray on Coat Detangler removes mats from Maltese dogs

detangling in-between washes, and adding a wonderful lustre to your dog's coat.
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This is a spray-on formula used to detangle mats and knots in a dog’s coat, remove burrs and foreign matter and condition the hair. It will help repel stains and dirt, extending your grooming job.
Spray on your smelly dog’s coat and bedding! Use to detangle long hair and keep it looking shiny and clean! Available in 8 oz.
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An undercoat rake or long comb removes all loose undercoat hairs. If your dog has tangles begin by using a wide-toothed comb first and then progressing to a narrower-toothed comb. Detangling solutions with a mat splitter or mat rake helps tangles and mats, nonetheless electric clippers work in extreme cases and are not difficult to use. Never hurry when using these and always be gentle and patient with your dog. The shedding tool works wonders for removing the soft undercoat when your dog is shedding profusely. Next comes the slicker brush, which is used to stimulate your dog’s skin and coat, and removes unwanted hair. The slicker comes in different sizes and shapes, but they all contain hundreds of short wires embedded in a firm rubber backing. The gentle slicker has much softer wire bristles, and is either curved or straight. This works best on small breeds or on puppies. The larger version of this has curved bristles, which are used for pulling out dead undercoat. This works on most breeds. If your furry-best friend has a short coat, use a zoom groom or short curry brush. This removes hair and polishes his coat very effectively. For short-coated breeds, a short-toothed comb makes it easier to remove hair and work through tangles. The slicker brush is used next for removing hair and stimulating his skin and coat. Even shorthaired dogs need to be combed properly. Pin brushes work in combination with the metal comb and a soft slicker for long and silky coats, such as those belonging to the Maltese, Lhasa Apso, and Afghan Hound. For a dog with a super heavy coat, the mat splitter works together with a detangler and helps work through tangles. A fast drying dog coat detangler that is fortified with pro-vitamins and silk proteins.
Photo provided by FlickrApply COWBOY MAGIC®Detangler & Shine™ to your dog's coat before clipping.
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I am thinking of adopting a Bichon Frise that has some mats in its coat. I need to know what is the best kind of shampoo and conditioner/detangler to use on her. The current owner has had the dog only 3 or 4 weeks, and used Dawn dish soap for her bath and no conditioner that I know of.

She isn't able to afford vet care or grooming either. I would like the dog, but am afraid the coat is too much to care for, unless there is possibly a budget friendly conditioner/detangler i could make at home. Also, is baby shampoo ph acceptable for dogs?

Pam from Martinsville, INLet the mixture cool, then pour it into a spray bottle and shake well. Use it to mist your dog's coat before brushing or after her bath to condition and detangle the coat. Let the coat finish drying; spray and brush again, and your dog will have a shiny, silky and healthy coat. Discard any of the mixture you don't use to avoid bacterial growth, which can occur in mixtures with no preservatives. Store the leftover rosemary water in the refrigerator and use it to make a fresh batch of detangler whenever you need it, or you can use it as a great-smelling hair rinse for yourself!If your dog has long hair and sensitive skin, your options for keeping her coat tangle-free and soft are limited. Make an all natural coat detangler at home using coconut oil and fresh rosemary. This wonderful concoction will make her coat soft, shiny and keep it smelling wonderful.But did you know that our line of detangling products also covers canines? Our is the only solution you need for grooming your dog, providing a friction free slip for tangle-free coats.