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Dog Training Collar Adjustable Length 41~53cm Long Distance Control 1000m.
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The vaster is a highly advanced dog collar that supports remote control from 330 yards making it ideal for training your dog from long distances. The built-in Lithium rechargeable batteries are long lasting and hold power for long hours, unlike most standard dog training collars. The collar is quite versatile and fits most dogs weighing from 15lbs onwards.
Dog Training Collar using only voice commands to control your dog from a distance
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Shock collars are controversial and use an electric charge to deliver a message to your dog from a distance. Choke collars certainly have an unfortunate name. However, unruly dogs who aren’t properly socialized need firm but gentle control. Some collars even use different tones to alert your dog. Control, Lost Dog, Found Dog, Distance Traveled, Collar, Dog License ..
Photo provided by FlickrThe BOOCOSA BA008 Shock Collar for Dogs is one sleek looking device that can be remotely controlled from a distance of up to 330 yards
Photo provided by FlickrLong Distance Control: Operational Range is up to 879 Yards!Durable & Adjustable Dog Shock Collar Strap - Fits all dogs. From 25 to 150 lbs. with an adj.
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The Ipets remote has a capability of controlling up to two collars from a distance of 330 yards as indicated in the name of the collar. It can easily be powered on and off from a remote distance through the remote transmitter. Weighing at just 10lbs, this compact dog training collar is a perfect fit for small breeds of dogs. It is quite easy to use. The intensity of the collars is adjustable making it a great pick for smaller dogs. The precise simulation level of 0-100 allows users to set the perfect simulation to fit your dog.The Dog Trainer Collars feature different modes of stimulation which are , , and mode. “Nick” and Constant are stimulation modes, and pager is usually a vibration, or beeper or to get the attention of your dog. Not all dog trainers will support all modes, but the more expensive models normally have both a longer range (distance they work over) and more control and stimulation options.The Garmin is the best dog training collar in 2016 with a wide array of features. The collar comes with long and short chargeable contacts that make dog training very effective. The range capability of the Garmin collar is about a mile or two making it the longest distance so far. The collar is quite durable with a rugged design that perfectly fits your dog’s neck.
Another good buy among the 10 best training collars is a product made by Epica. Its notable features include a two-mode system that allows you to use shock or vibrate when your dog is misbehaving. Both modes are limited to the level that is safe for animals. This training collar can remotely control two dogs at the same time for a distance of up to 1,000 feet. They can fit dogs weighing 15 to 100 pounds. Collars are rechargeable and water resistant. It also has an Auto-sleep feature that allows you to save on battery life.
Affordable, this remote-operated training collar comes with a rainproof and rechargeable transmitter and receiver which work up to a distance of 330 yards. Its shock mode can be set to static shock, vibration, beep and light. This product contains over 3,000 identity codes to avoid conflict when used near other dogs with the same type of collar.
The Dogtra 3500NCP Super-X e-collar is the tool of choice to work dogs in extreme conditions at extreme ranges. Like all Dogtra products, the Dogtra 3500NCP Super-X goes through extreme testing in extreme conditions to withstand the rigor. The Super-X excels in conditions where 1-mile range and high output stimulation is the requirement and the norm, such as in advanced pet dog training, hunting, performance, and K9.

The Dogtra 3500NCP Super-X e-collar is designed to train dogs 35 pounds or larger with 1-mile range, training from a distance. The fully waterproof receiver outputs Low-High stimulation from 1-127 levels and uses a patented Rheostat Intensity Dial technology for gradual and precise stimulation control. The additional unique feature of the Dogtra 3500NCP Super-X e-collar is the Regular/Mild mode toggle switch to give instant boost or warning stimulation. The Dogtra 3500NCP Super-X is also available in the 2-dog system, 3502NCP Super-X.