Have Questions on Dog Collar Nameplates?

We can not attach a rivet on name plate to adjustable collars, round collars or dog harnesses.
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We love keeping your dog in style, but we also know how important it is to keep your pup safe. With our Laser Engraved Personalized Name Plate Dog Collar, the best of both worlds collide to create a super cool dog collar with all your dog’s important info engraved right onto the name plate. Best part….no jingling tag!
1.25 dog collar Leather distressed custom made, name plate
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After searching the internet for a Dog Collar to suit our needs, my friend and I agreed that "HotDog Collars" gave us the best deal. We are very satisfied with the quaility of our collars, and our dogs look very smart and tough with the reflective collar, and the name plate we added gives us peace of mind if they happen to stray, as dogs are prone to do, they will be returned. Please continue giving quality products for less!!! Thanks a bunch!!! #Wide #Leather #Dog #Collar With #Plates Starting at: $34.90
Photo provided by Flickr#Wide #Leather #Dog #Collar With #Plates Starting at: $34.90
Photo provided by FlickrWide #Leather #Dog #Collar With Metal Plates $34.90
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Our Rolled Dog Collar is an excellent option for all of our four legged friends, but especially those with long hair. The struggle of dealing with normal collars flattening or matting the fur on your dog's neck is over, this rolled leather collar is the obvious choice for you. Simply designed, but beautiful this collar is handcrafted in our leather shop in Lexington, Kentucky. You can personalize your friends collar with a brass or silver nameplate; choose the leather color we have available in medium brown, dark brown, black or burgundy.Hi Melissa,
We use a wire cutter to dig around the rivet caps until we are able to pry them up. Once you do this on both sides the nameplate will come off. If these were dogIDs collars you can send in the collar with your new nameplate order and we can remove and replace with the new nameplates!Our LCS Brass Name Plates are a great addition to any collar, and provides essential information for the finder to contact you should your dog ever become lost.This is the second collar I purchased from them (first was a leather one), and the last experience was the exact same. In fact, my dog somehow lost the brass tag on a mountain trip, and they offered to send me a replacement for it at no cost! These guys are great!Everyone asks where I get my pups dog collars. These are cheap and they put an engraved name plate on them as well. No jingle-jangle since they are flat. They last forever and only $8 for a leather collar.Keeping your dog's information front and center is so important to their safety. With our leather name plate dog collar, your dog's ID info is big, bold and can be seen from far away. Safety + style = Mimi Green Leather dog collarsConstructed with industrial rivets and nickel plated hardware, these collars last for years with daily wear even if you’re doing extensive leash work and frequent staking out. The reflective strip will make the dog visible in any beam of light, whether a flashlight or a car headlight for maximum safety. Add a brass nameplate with your name and contact information for added protection should your dog become lost.Keeping your pup safe is a big job, especially at night. With our Reflective Laser Engraved Name Plate Dog Collar, your dog will be seen at night PLUS the stainless name plate will have all your dog’s important info engraved!