1" Heavy Duty Glow Tuff with D&O Rings Pattern Dog Collars

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I love these collars. Fit dogs (Beagles) well. Stamping is deep on ID plates. Have the D and O rings so its easy to put a leash on your dog when your in a hurry and they are reflective so you can find your dogs at night from a long distance. I cut mine a little shorter most of the time and put a little super glue on the cut and it never frays. I have some collars that are 3 years old and still going. Only down fall is puppies chewing collars off each other. Have not found a way around that other than separating them.
Our dog collars are made with premium nylon webbing, solid stainless steel D-rings and our trademarked buckle bone side release buckle.
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A prong collar (also called a pinch collar) is a collar with a series of chain links with open ends turned towards the dog’s neck. When the collar is tightened it pinches the loose skin around the dog’s neck. Pressure on the dog’s neck is spread out over a larger area than with choke chains and with most buckle collars. When properly adjusted and used, it startles the dog to give a sharp correction. However, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to actually puncture the skin. Even though it looks painful, it’s actually less harmful to the dog than a slip or choke collar. A prong collar allows you discipline your dog. Some people use an additional slip or buckle collar on the dog and thread the leash through the rings of the prong and the second collar. This way, if the prong collar comes loose for any reason, they still have control of the dog with a backup collar. Dog Collar Buckles, Snap Hooks, Metal D Rings, Nylon Webbing and Kits for Collars.
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Slip collars: May be made of nylon rope, nylon strap, chain, or leather. These collars constrict and can constrict
infinitely. They apply pressure to the throat and can constrict the blood vessels in the neck. There is danger of
permanent damage to the throat or to the eyes due to constriction of the throat and jugular veins when these collars are
used. A dog may be killed by hanging with one of these collars. Tags should never be attached to a slip collar, and slip
collars should never be left on a dog who is unsupervised. Slip collars should never be used for tethering. If a slip
collar is used, the collar should be just large enough that when the slack is taken up from the collar on the dog’s neck,
there is 2-3 inches between the rings. Slip collars are not safe for use with retractable leads."I really wanted to like this collar but the double D rings are hard to get a leash on an excited dog. You have to carefully line up both D rings and use both hands to attach the leash. The clip on my EzyDog leashes is barely big enough to fit around both D rings, even on the smaller sized collar. If you have one very calm dog then this would be a good collar for you. I have four not calm dogs and this collar is more of a hassle than it should be. Also the pink camo color is very stiff and not soft like the other colors. "Tags are the primary means of identification for dogs. They should be fitted on a non-slip collar and should be worn at
all times, especially when your dog is unsupervised. Tags come in many sizes, shapes, colors and styles. They may be
slip-on (with slots to slip the collar through), riveted on, or clipped on with an O-ring or an S-clip. Slip on or riveted
tags do not dangle, will not get caught on things, and do not jangle and so are preferred by some people. O-rings are
occasionally mistaken for collar rings by well-meaning people, and will tear free if a leash is attached to them and the
dog pulls. This is, however, a safety feature – if the tag gets hung up on something, it will come free. Of course, this
leaves your dog with out identification. S-clips are less likely to come free, and probably won’t break if they get caught
on something, though tags themselves (especially plastic ones) may break off of the clip.I have collars with O rings, but for a totally different reason. The O ring rides on top, as I said above, making it quick and easy to hook a dog up to a lead, leash, stakeout or whatever.