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Shop Nite Light dog collars, leads and tags with LED for night safety.
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At dawn or dusk, it’s critical to make sure your dog is seen. A lighted dog collar or bright collar light is the best way to be sure your dog is seen by cars and to be sure you can see your dog at night. All our lighted dog collars have 360 visibility with lights all the way around the collar. All of the lighted dog collars we carry have both a steady & flash mode.
Colorful collars designed with light-up LEDs help to keep dogs safe while on late-night walks; four modes include flashing and solid lights
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This collar works great. I love the different lighting features it has. I can have it blink or steady light or rotating motion. The light is nice and bright making it very visible at night for your dog's safety. It's fairly wide so I don't recommend this collar for small dogs. I have a sheltie and it's almost too wide for him but since he has a thick full coat it doesn't look big on him. Overall, I'm very happy with it and recommend buying it. The NEW LED dog collar from NiteIze features a bright LED within a flexible light-up polymer core
Photo provided by FlickrThis LED light up dog pet safety collar glows & lights up in the dark with a bright LED lite
Photo provided by FlickrD.T. Systems S.P.O.T. LED Lighted Dog Collar Trainer (with Vibration)
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The Halo Lights LED collars came in great, secure packaging with a USB charger. They take approximately 15 minutes to charge and last about 4 hours depending on which setting you use (steady light or flashing). They come in one length, allowing you to cut the collars to size - and it is very easy to size (they come in 27.5 inches) , cut and fit these collars! They hold together extremely well, and despite all the activities my dogs did while wearing these collars they never even started to come apart. Easy To Use
Comes With Adjustable Elastic Band Worn Below Existing Collar: Easily Slips Over the Dog's Head or Use Side Release Buckles Keeps Light From Moving When Leash Is Pulled To One Side Dog-E-Glow's lighted LED dog collars are fashionable, high quality, and weather resistant. They combine the functionality of illuminated LED lighting with awesome looking patterns. Our lighted dog collars allow you and others to easily spot your dog from a distance when it is dark outside, and look great during the day! With our LED dog collars, you can easily see where your dog is at all times. Combining a lighted collar and lighted LED leash is the perfect way to keep your dog visible to you, other people, and cars at night or times of low visibility.With plenty of reflective and light-up pet collars for sale, we know you'll find something that suits your taste as well as your dog's. Choose the color and style you like, and outfit your dog affordably and with peace of mind. All LED collars are rechargeable via USB. All safety collars undergo three levels of quality control testing for your guaranteed satisfaction. PupLights come with an optional two piece adjustable elastic collar, making PupLight products true lighted dog collars. The attachment for the light has a 1 1/4" slot. The light will fit on most standard collars and harnesses. It will not fit on every collar, for instance, extra wide, rounded or studded collars. Most people use the elastic collar because: The lights come with a velcro strap to attach to any existing dog lead, harness or collar. Turning the light on and off is easy - simply rotate the top to turn on and off.