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This cooling pad for dogs may be one of the very best things that you have ever obtained. There are plenty of us that don’t have lots of money so we buy affordable items. Plenty of items that I came across were pretty fragile so you should pay attention to what I am saying. This is among the finest I have tried, hands down. I’ve tried many. After having read a lot of positive reviews on the web, I decided to try it. I generally recommend that you look at the customer reviews simply because you cannot tell which products are extremely fragile by going through the pics.
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This Pet Cooling Pad is really great to have especially during these hot summer days. It's a really nice size and works perfectly for my Jack Russell terrier she's about 15 pounds and isn't very big but this is perfect for her to lay on and is just the right length and width for. It's nice and thick and you can definitely tell it has a nice gel inside of it that is comfortable and soft for your dog to lay on. You could actually places into the refrigerator to cool it down and laid on the ground and it is a great way for them to cool her body down easily and quickly is also helps prevent against heat exhaustion which is something that you definitely want to look out for with pet. I would suggest not placing this in direct sunlight because it could get too hot for them it's something that you would want to place in a shaded area or in your house. This is very well made of nice quality materials that should hold up well over time and through prolonged use. It's very durable and I like the fact that it doesn't rip or tear with my dog walks on it because she has sharp nails. All-around I really enjoy this product so far it is been great to have. I have not had any problems or issues with it so far I enjoyed a lot and so does my dog. It is exactly what I was expecting and is accurately described in the description and photos provided.
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Photo provided by FlickrReview of Cool Pet Pad. Monday, March 31, 2014 2:56:27 AM By gpsadmin. Reviewed By: Mary Haight. Saves Hot Dogs from Summer Heat. middle-banner.
Photo provided by FlickrFrontpet Self Cooling Gel Mat Pad EXTRA LARGE for Dogs, Non Toxic (36 INCH X 36INCH) Dog Cooling Mat / Cooling Mat for Dogs. 6 Reviews.
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K & H make a lot of different types of pet beds, including heated indoor and outdoor beds. Their most popular cooling product for dogs is the Cool Bed III. Versions of this bed have been around for years, this latest version has a stronger material (heavy vinyl backing with a nylon coating) than previous versions. This is one of the few pads that is water based rather than gel based (you fill the pad with water only once when you first get it). The Cool Core of the pad absorbs the dog’s natural body temperature and radiates it back into the air. It can be used inside or outside (in the shade only) and it comes with a two year limited warranty. One thing to note with this pad is that it has a strange problem where if you lift or move the bed by its corners the foam core interior separates from the sides, causing it to become lumpy and impossible to smooth out. In order to avoid this problem you have to fold the bed in a certain way if you are planning on moving it.On a side note, as I prepared to write this review, a thunderstorm was brewing in my neck of the woods. Knowing my dog isn’t fond of thunderstorms, I placed his Anxiety Wrap on him, which calms him down 90% of the time. He proceeded to sit on the Cool Pet Pad™ unprovoked. For some reason, he took calming refuge on the cooling pad and napped there for an hour as the storm blew through. Had the electricity gone out, as it has a time or two during wicked storms, I was glad Dexter would have the cooling pad if the air conditioning and fans didn’t work.June 2014, we gave the Cooling Dog Bed a positive review. Unfortunately, we must retract/rescind the below review. June 2015, we took out our Cool Pet Pad and it looked like this: Hi Pat and Susi, just read your comment on Clorox for bacteria…I got a cooling mat and it suggested grapeseed extract, or I thought about using colloidal silver only cause I can’t find grapeseed extract. Not sure I would use clorox.
But having said that…I have been reading the reviews and no one has complained about them leaking. Mine did after 2 months and I am returning it. It doesn’t have a hole it just leaks if you step on it or if I think get over filled. My dog loves it and goes right to it, but also during the night she goes and sleeps on the floor or her other bed…I guess it all depends on if she gets warm on the cooling pad and looks for a cooler spot and if she wants to be warmer she goes to he other bed.
I was wondering if anyone else has had that problem with them leaking…mine was a water and I am thinking of getting a Gel. There is also another one made of a different material.
Polyurethane foam filler/CMC/polymer absorber…any thoughts?