Precision Pet SnooZZy Mattress Dog Crate Bed.

The Big Barker Dog Crate Bed comes in several standard sizes and is machine washable.
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Plush Sleep-eez is so soft your dog will love sleeping, lounging & napping on it. Sleep-eez is completely machine washable for easy cleaning. Use as a crate bed or traditional pet bed. Reversible for double the use!
Do all dogs need or benefit from dog crate beds? Nope. So let’s sort out who needs one from who doesn’t then focus on what they need.
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This [Sleep-eez] is a fabulous product! I ordered two last week and I ordered two more from you today! I purchased one of your crate sets last year and have loved it. I now have two dogs. I have spent and untold number of dollars trying to find a good bed that was attractive and easily cleanable! These are the best and the price point is terrific for the product! Thank you for making such a great product! I will be a repeat customer! At the end of the day Sleepeez is an affordable pet bed & dog crate pad that provides comfort, safety, affordability, and design.
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Photo provided by FlickrOverall this set makes the crate a much less offensive accessory in my bedroom and is a really cozy spot for both my dog and the cats
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Best dog bed ever
My German Shepherd has torn up every bed we put in her crate until this bed arrived. Some mornings she is so comfy she does not want to come out!
German Shepherd owner
Covington, KYMany dogs spend a large portion of their dog in their crate while their owners are off at work or out running errands. We all want to keep our beloved four-legged pals comfy while they’re in their crates, which makes a quality dog crate bed essential!This is the one stop shop for Midwest dog crates and Quiet Time beds. We stock the best products for your pet, so you can treat Fido like royalty. Whether your pooch needs a Midwest dog crate, Quiet Time bed, or a dog crate replacement pan we have a huge selection, and it is in stock ready for shipping.PROS: – they’re a favorite among owners of large breeds. The thickness of the foam in this crate pad will not disappoint. Additionally, unlike other dog beds, owners report that this pad is chew resistant, making it a great choice for destructive dogs. This bed is also made in the USA, so you know you’ll have solid quality. Since your dog will likely be spending a lot of time in their crate, you’ll want to make sure their crate mat is substantially stuffed. Appropriate stuffing or inches of padding really depends on your dog’s size – bigger dogs need more support. Look for beds with or several inches of cushioning. This will be specially important for older dogs with arthritic issues, as they’ll need to prevent their joint issues from getting worse. Considerably more expensive than other dog crate beds. The zippers aren’t as robust as they could be and have been known to break when unzipping the cover.CONS: Compared to other dog crate mats, the Big Barker Dog Crate Pad is quite expensive. Big Barkers beds are also not designed for smaller dogs – they really should only be used for larger or giant breed dogs.Who Does NOT Need It? Chewers, Rippers, Cool-Seekers, Sprawlers
Some dogs neither want nor benefit from crate mats of any kind. If they destroy them then don’t let them practice any more. That’s a skill dogs enjoy way too much – try to nip that one in the bud if you can. For experienced or determined rippers and chewers, no fabric bed holds up which is why I don’t like chew resistant beds here. Outside the crate, maybe. In the crate? Nah. Save your money.