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medicated spray that relieves hot spots, yeast, dry skin, and dog dandruff.
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Dogs can as well suffer from dog dandruff condition whenever it seems to have fleas. The moment your dog tries to reach for the flea, permanently scratching its skin, the area is more likely to be pulled and as such flakes come off. In this respect you have to consider an appropriate dog dandruff treatment the releasing it from the great discomfort of having mites and fleas. Most of the times these fleas locate at the tail or right above the tail, and it is a good thing to spray this area with anti-fleas spray and with a firm brush to release your dog from both the dog dandruff problem and the fleas problem as well.
You're scratching your dog behind the ears when you notice a lot of white specks on his dark fur
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When August came around this year, my dog developed excessive dandruff and hair loss. His skin looks good no rash, no bugs.

We have washed him three times with the recommended organic oatmeal/aloe dog shampoo but the dandruff seems to just come right back. He does not itch himself but when I scratch him he seems to really like it and now does that tickle thing with the leg. He was never ticklish before.

He is a Rottweiller/Shepard mix that is 12 years old and has been very healthy his entire life (we are fortunate). This summer has been hot here in Michigan so during the weekends I would let the dog play in the water and spray him.

I have been giving him fish oil pills to try to add oil to his skin and coat and that had not helped. On the weekend grandma gives him cooked eggs on Sat and Sun.

I tried to take a picture but could not get a good one of his skin. Of course it is very white and looks good, just the flaking. He eats Nutro Natural Choice dog food and their biscuits. The first ingredients in this food is ground rice and chicken meal, rice bran wheat flour. When I was comparing this food with other more expensive brands with a lot of claim, the ingredients seem to be the same i.e. Tocopherolos.

Any suggestions? What causes it, and what are some home remedies that can rid your pup of this condition
Photo provided by FlickrThis is a simple way to maintain your dog's coat and keep dandruff at bay.
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I guess my question is, does anyone else have a dog with flakes of dandruff, is it likely I am just being too aggressive with the brushes/blades, or is this likely a food/skin thing -- she is the only one doing this though. Please don't handstrip a dog that is not meant to be hanstripped. That is a big nono. Also, the slicker brush, and stripping comb may be causing the problem because the slicker will actually tear on the skin, and using a stripping blade you actually are rippin hair from the skin. Please use a rake and or a comb that is rounded at the edges so it does not tear at the skin. Purchase a conditioning spray, I suggest a horse spray like Cowboy Magic, it is Aloe based and is beneficial to the coat and helps deter dirt build up, it can be purchased at Tractor Supply and comes in a big 32oz spray for $9.99, it is worth it. Unlike Mink Oil it will not leave the coat greasy and lets the skin breathe. I suggest a Tea Tree Oil shampoo to help with the dandruff, it is ALOT BETTER THAN OATMEAL, and it helps the skin heal faster. Make sure all soap is rinsed out after bathing, alot of people leave alot of shampoo residue in, which causes more dandruff and or scratching. Furthermore, add a capful of olive oil, or canola oil blend to each time your puppers eats. It is just as good, and cheaper than fish oil tabs. Good luck.