Carlson Pet Products Extra Wide Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door

Carlson Pet Products Extra Tall Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door
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We bought a new door, and my husband installed the doggie door. Some doors have double panels, and the intsallation is difficult. When it is windy, we close the screen door, and block the doggie door so they won't hit their heads.
Jan 26, 2014 - If you have a door with a bit of a breeze, a dog or cat door draft blocker is the perfect fix
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Know your biggest challenges and have a plan in place. One common challenge for owners of door-bolters is bringing home groceries or bringing large packages inside. Most doors open out (are pulled open rather than pushed open). It can be challenging to block a dog from escaping, especially when your arms are full and your sight may be limited by the items you are carrying. Replacement Flaps for Pet Doors | Parts & Accessories
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Some doors will present more danger than others. Often, these are doors that open into potentially dangerous unfenced environments, and may include your front door and car doors. Manage those exits safely over your dog's lifetime by only allowing him to cross the thresholds when cued and when the leash is safely in your hands. Keep in mind that it is often easier to body-block a dog from bolting through a door that pulls open (moves toward you) than it is with a door that is pushed open (opens "out").I can put the plastic slats in to block the wind but our dogs are potty trained to use the door so that'll mean messes when we get home from work each day until we can either repotty train them.We really appreciate the feedback about the energy efficient dog door we manufacture and hopes this helps solve a very common problem of dog door pet flaps blowing open and leaking air. Maybe you can relate to the following pet door review. All she wants is a dog door that stops the wind.
Anyone who’s lived with a door darter knows this is a maddening issue. The owner tenses up as soon as they hear the doorbell, which the dog senses. Trying to hold an over eager dog, or block a dog’s escape while opening the door, requires an aptitude in contortion most people just don’t possess. Once the escape artist charges outside, the elation of freedom quickly turns into a game of “catch me if you can!”My frirends in Tahoe had a dog soor installed in their dog. The actually just cut a hole in the door and bought the flap. They made a frame (without the top) around the cut so he could put in a solid piece of wood, blocking the wind and snow, bears and racoons and wolverines or whoever else wanted to enter. He did this on both sides of the door. and used a solid piece of thick plywood to use as the blocking piece. He also had a kennel made for his black lab police dog. The kennel was completely made with wire fencing - the heavy duty stuff, it included a roof, which my friend covered with a canvas tarp to afford him shade and a place to get out of the 8 foot snow drifts. There was no flooring to speak of, he provided water and a huge dog house - the kennel was about 10'X10'X10' Good luck with wehatever you decide, and I hope this little area is not going to be used in leiu of leash walkies (my pet peeve)If you have a larger home, like a house and you don't use , or you need to block off a larger area like a double door frame, consider dog doors that have multiple panels, such as . These gates are handy in many situations because you can zigzag them to fit smaller spaces and completely extend them to fit large open areas. In fact, North States have some of the best pet gates on the market!