Sep 27, 2015 - Dog Facial Hair Competition 2015 ..

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Body: Stiff-legged, upright posture or slow, stiff-legged movement forward – dominant dog.:184
Body slightly sloped forward, feet braced – challenge to a dominant dog, conflict may follow.:187
Hair bristles on back of shoulders – possible aggression, may also indicate fear and uncertainty.:187
Lowering the body or cringing while looking up – submission.:188
Muzzle nudge – occurs when a submissive dog gently pushes the muzzle of the dominant dog, showing acceptance.:190
Dog sits when approached by another, allowing itself to be sniffed – signals acceptance of dominance but does not signal weakness.:191
Dog rolls on side or exposes underbelly and completely breaks off eye contact – extreme pacifying or submission signal.:192
Dog sits with one front paw slightly raised – stress, social fear and insecurity.:198 It is also recognized as a calming signal.
Dog rolls on its back and rubs its shoulders on the ground – contentment.:199
Dog crouches with front legs extended, rear body and tail up, facing its playmate directly – classic "play-bow" to commence play.:200 It is also recognized as a calming signal.
1. “two hairs… one was short, black and could have been facial hair. The second hair was thinner and was actually sticking out of the hot dog.”
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Who can resist that adorable face, fluffy ball of fur and loyal personality? And the fact that Shih Tzus do not shed (because of their long coats) is a plus as far as keeping your home dander-free. Unfortunately, this signature long coat also makes it hard for the average person to maintain. Most long-haired dog owners I know (myself included) pay at least $50.00 once ever few months for routine grooming at the local pet store. The Austin Facial Hair club hosted the second annual Dog Beard and Mustache Competition at the Mohawk on Saturday.
Photo provided by Flickrlook at this websites to see examples of dogs with their facial hair kept naturally long.
Photo provided by Flickruse a mustache comb or a flea comb, to comb your dog's facial hair.
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Home dog grooming can be more convenient and cost-effective than taking your dog to a professional groomer, but clipping a dog's facial hair is often difficult—especially if it's your first time or if the dog is jumpy. Use safety precautions and appropriate tools and techniques when clipping dog fur, and opt for professional grooming if you lack confidence in your abilities or the dog's behaviors. If washing a dog beforehand, dry the fur thoroughly before clipping, because wet fur can jam the clipper blades and shorten their duration of usefulness.I think also, of you don't already, use a mustache comb or a flea comb, to comb your dog's facial hair. I ordered a madan mustache comb because I heard so many good things about it, I have not tried it yet though.Walk your dog before grooming or clipping its facial hair. A 30- to 45-minute walk can improve the dog's cooperation with the process, because it reduces anxiety, provides a bathroom break and tires the dog.Hello, I have a seven pound 16 week old puppy who is a mix between a Scottish Terrier and Mini-Dachshund. She has the Scottie wire hair but the Doxie body. This is my first pet and I am only now starting to learn many things about dogs that might be basic knowledge to most. I noticed that this puppy had very long hair around her eyes and sometimes the hair would get in her eye. I thought it would be a good idea to trim the hair around her eye so I took her to a groomer. When I got her back there was more facial hair cut than I would have liked and my puppy was depressed and acting a strange. I did tons of online research and learned that all dogs have whiskers and that when whiskers are cut it disorients dogs. My puppy is wheaton color so I never noticed the whiskers because they blended in with her hair. I feel devastated that I did this to my puppy. Does anyone know when/if her whiskers will grow back? I will definitely never take her to get trimmed again.