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There is no one brand of food that is the best food for large breeds. As an owner, it is up to you to do your research about large breed nutrition and determine which food is the best for your dog. The best way to do this is to consult with your veterinarian. Your vet can help you come up with a lifelong nutrition plan for all your dog’s stages of life, giving him the best chance at a long and healthy life.

Hey bro, your original post says you need large breed food.Is that for a dog or puppy?
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Purchase your puppy or dog from a reliable breeder and you will receive a complete feeding plan as well as advice throughout his life, often whether you request it or not. See that you have the foods on hand prior to picking him up. Take a large container for water along, ask that it be filled. Change of water can upset a puppy but by slowly mixing this with yours, he will adjust without problems. That’s why it’s so important to feed a dog food that contains an amount of calcium that’s safe for large breed puppies.
Photo provided by FlickrYou can also join Dog Food Advisor’s Editor’s Choice for a current list of approved foods for large and giant breeds.
Photo provided by FlickrI am using the Active Care Breeders #1 Choice Lamb & Brown Rice.. for the above dogs now. What do you think of this food?
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Country Vet Pet Food and Dog Fuel are excellent products. We feed and recommend these products to our customers. With breeding, training, hunting and running dogs in trials, we get a wide range of situations to gauge the results from the use of these products. Excellent coats, very good stools and a great retention of energy for the working situations. With training, most dogs show up without the food they are being fed and we have had no problems switching them over to Country Vet Pet Food. When customers come to get their dogs, they are impressed with the shape their dogs are in and we’ve found a number of them also switch to Country Vet. The size of the kibble is small enough for the small breeds to handle, but still big enough for the large breeds to not just swallow without chewing. We also enjoy the fact that we don’t have to feed large amounts, the food goes a long way which also helps out the stool size.Super growth foods are not recommended for large breeds, as they can lend themselves to overgrowth and contribute to joint problems (specifically hips). Protein levels are suitable for either puppies or adult dogs. This food will not give your pup runny stool like many high protein puppy foods. Do not feed puppy chow, or super growth puppy foods, we feed a food that is an All-Life Stage formula and will be just fine for the growth of your pup. Let the NuVet supplement supply added strengtheners/builders without adding the calories, fat and protein that are harmful.or take home a blue ribbon from the dog show ... What must be remembered is that a responsible breeder considers the puppies they breed as their "kids" and wants only the best for them. This is what we have come to expect from any reputable breeder. But, what about the breeder who takes the breeding challenge one step further and naturally rears their breeding animals and puppies? Longtime breeders that follow natural nutrition and rearing philosophies will attest to the fact that there is less disease in dogs fed a biologically appropriate raw food diet, especially following several generations. Given that much of the future health of puppies begins with the health of the dam and sire, a discerning breeder does not overlook the importance of a whole food diet and often incorporates alternative health care into their program as well. If a dog can achieve the highest quality of well-being, any genetic faults that appear can be more easily distinguished from those caused by environment or improper nutrition. BARF World's Breeder Profiles salutes those breedersIt is only natural for dogs to eat raw food ... Been feeding mine with raw meat for years .... I am not a breeder but just an owner of a couple of German Shepherds ... I feed them raw eggs, meat and organic holistic grain free biscuits ... One of my shepherds was a rescue and came to us with a really bad ear infection which after lots of money and visits to vets was fruitless. I took things into my own hands and used a mixture of rose hip oil and Erythritol drops in his ear ... Infection gone ! Erythritol is a natural sugar from the bark of a tree that stops bacteria sticking to the linings of the body ... I diluted it with water and put drops in his ear and it worked a treat :) ... You can't feed it to dogs but it can be used in small doses on the external parts of the body.