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Keep the following considerations in mind when selecting a kangaroo-based dog food:
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However, good owners still need to do their homework – whether you’re on the hunt for kangaroo dog food or less exotic choices, you’ll need to do your homework in order to select the best food for your dog’s needs.
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Pet professionals agree that high-quality, wholesome and minimally processed ingredients are an important key to optimum health. Maximizing pure nutrition and minimizing concerns over grains, it’s these special qualities that make California Natural Grain Free Kangaroo & Red Lentils Formula Adult Dry Dog Food the perfect choice for your dog! Sorry, your search “kangaroo +"dog food"” did not match any products.
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Photo provided by FlickrMy dogs love the kangaroo flavor. It's the one food they don't get tired of and run to eat even during our dinner time.
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Natural Planet™ Kangaroo & Venison Formula Grain Free contains important supplements: proteinated minerals and vitamins essential for a long and healthy life. Natural Planet Organics™ Kangaroo & Venison Formula Grain Free Dog Food contains high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.Itching, scratching, patches of hair missing, digestive upset, recurrent ear infections, oily fur, chewing on paws..what do all of these have in common? They all can be signs of a food allergy or a food intolerance. If you suspect your dog has a food allergy, one of the easiest ways to fix things is to try a food with a novel protein. A novel protein is any protein that is relatively uncommon. Novel proteins range from the more common venison meat to highly unusual meats like wild brushtail and kangaroo. Dogs who have not eaten these meats before often do really well on them because their systems have not developed an intolerance or an allergy to them.Natural Planet™ Kangaroo & Venison Meal Entrée Grain Free Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.When I first read this article, I thought that you were suggesting feeding your dog a kangaroo. I was pretty shocked, to say the least. I would be somewhat hesitant to do that. But, as I read, I saw the suggestions for the foods. Now, I must ask, where does one find this alternative pet food? Kangaroo meat is also high in protein but low in fat. Dogs with digestive troubles may see improvement switching to this meat since the low fat meat is easy to digest. Our Wild Kangaroo and Apples dog food uses wild kangaroo from Australia. We’ve also added apples for added benefit. Apples contain pectin, a soluble fiber that is an excellent intestinal regulator. Pectin helps enhance the digestive process by cleansing the intestinal tract. Pectin is also great for lowering cholesterol levels.The Kangaroo meat is different from what most American dogs have grown up on, so the chance of them being sensitive to this meat is pretty minimal. Plus, this meat seems to run in the 8-14% fat ratios so a lot of dogs that struggle with obstructive bowel disorder (OBD) may be able to handle this food, too.