Update: No charges expected in Warren dog grooming ..

hold of your vet we will be unable to groom your dog and you will be charged for the service.
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Go on any Facebook group and you will find groomers posting pictures of matted dogs or dogs with skin conditions, and asking others what they would charge to groom it. Sometimes they will ask responders to mention where they are located and whether they are in a rural or urban area.
Warren police say they will not bring charges against a dog groomer in connection with the death of a dog that died in its care last week.
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Appointments are strongly recommended, but walkins are accepted if all prerequisites are met and there is a groomer on duty. Grooms will be done on a first come, first served basis and you are expected to pick up your dog as soon as he or she is finished being groomed. Your dog can stay for daycare if your schedule does not permit pick-up as soon as the groom is finished; daycare charges will be applied on an hourly basis 60 minutes from calling for pick-up. The average time for a groom is two hours for small dogs and four hours for large dogs. Groomers may charge additional fees if a dog has aggression issues or needs special care to ensure groomer safety.
Photo provided by FlickrWarren police say they will not bring charges against a dog groomer in connection with the death of a dog that died in its care last week.
Photo provided by FlickrDog groomers typically charge extra for additional services such as teeth cleaning, flea treatments and nail clipping.
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We also offer pickup and drop off service for our grooming clients. We will pick up your dog at your home and drop your dog off at the end of the day once he/she has been groomed. Dogs that are being picked up and returned are socialized in the grooming room, but are not involved or being socialized with daycare dogs. If our customers request that their dog play in the daycare, a half day charge of $17 will apply, in addition to the grooming charge. The dog will get play time in the morning, and be groomed in the afternoon before coming home so they are as fresh as possible!Bath works is for furry friends who need sprucing up without a haircut. Great for short haired, single coated breeds, long coated breeds who don't require full body haircuts, or in between grooms to keep the coat managable. This service includes, nail trim, ears cleaned/plucked, bath, complete drying of your dog's coat and light brushing. Please note, your pet's coat must be managable. Additional charges apply for matted coats.*Not all services listed are appropriate for every dog (i.e. deshedding, ear plucking etc.). Extra charges may apply as well This includes deshedding treatment, heavily matted dogs, medium-large shave downs, multiple staff needed for single groom, nail buffing, anal expression, teeth cleaning, and polishing nails.

We provide tender, loving care for each dog. If a dog is stressed by grooming, we may choose to give him/her a break in the grooming process. We want your dog to associate coming to My Dog’s Beauty Shop with a positive experience…..even if he/she doesn’t like being groomed! We treat every dog like he/she is our dog!
But what about mobile groomers? Perhaps a mobile groomer would've been a better alternative for our dog even after considering the up charge. A person traveling to your house is going to cost a bit more than the stationary groomer with a shop, right? But before we talk about price, let's consider the pros and cons.