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Nadia Lee, professional pet groomer, shows how to properly clip your dog's nails.
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While some pet owners prefer to perform basic pet grooming at home, like nail clipping or ear cleaning, we are also happy to help with this delicate process. Cat and dog grooming is a wonderful bonding time, but if you are unsure about the proper way to provide advanced care, we recommend using a professional groomer. Improperly cutting nails or cleaning ears can lead to unnecessary anxiety, or possibly pain, in your pet.
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And this rounds up our list of ten best dog nail clippers. If you have any recommendations of your own for the best dog nail clipper, then let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, please take a look at the videos of how to trim dogs' nails safely and other tips on grooming dogs and cutting dog nails properly. Clipping Dog Nails is easier than you think. So, stop dragging your dog to the vet or groomer to get his nails clipped, doing it yourself. Here's How.
Photo provided by FlickrClipping your dogs nails is just one of the regular dog grooming tasks that you need to do at home on a frequent basis
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Training your dog to enjoy grooming in general is the first step towards comfortable nail clipping. There is not anything harder than clipping dog nails when the dog is wiggling and uncooperative. This training starts at puppy hood where you hold the dog and get him used to having you handle his paws.

It’s so much easier if the dog will lie on the table, sit, or lay on his side. Give him lots of praise when he is cooperative. Sometimes it helps if you have another person hold the dog for you, however it may not be necessary if the dog is cooperative.

AND, here's another hint I have learned about clipping dog nails: Do it when the dog is tired and right before bed. You will get less resistance!
A. Your dog isn’t alone in her distaste for . Many dogs cower or flee the room at the mere sight of clippers. The trim process can be even more of a struggle if the dog flails, growls or attempts to bite. Many pet parents opt out of trims altogether or defer trims to the groomer or veterinarian. But a fear of nail trims seldom goes away on its own and can actually increase in intensity as time goes on, making it difficult even for a professional to trim a frightened dog's nails without the help of an extra person, the use of a muzzle or, in severe cases, sedation.Don’t fret. Even experienced and cautious home groomers have accidentally cut the quick and faced dog nail bleeding. It’s easy to mistakenly cut a dog’s nails too short, particularly if the nails are black or dark in color. Dogs with white or light nails often have a visible quick, making it quite obvious where to avoid clipping. It’s not so simple when you can’t see it.Most owners are apprehensive about clipping their dog’s nails, but if you begin doing this soon after you bring your puppy home, you will find it is very easy to do and you will get the puppy used to being still for this part of the grooming process so that it is not something to dread.