Puppy Dog Halloween Kids Costume for Boys or Girls by BooBahBlue

65 Clever Halloween Costumes for Kids/ Raining Cats and Dogs
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A dog costume may not seem as appealing for Halloween, but if you are going for an animal theme this year, why not have a canine in the family? You can buy a dog costume for your baby. But if you want to make it at home, you will have to settle for a dalmatian. Here is one such easy to make Halloween costumes for kids – the Dalmatian costume.
Puppy Dog Costume for Kids, Halloween One Step Ahead Baby
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– This is a great DIY Halloween costume idea for kids. But it would also work well for adults. The Space Dog is the best part! Here are some of the key props necessary for building your own fun . 65 Clever Halloween Costumes for Kids/ Raining Cats and Dogs
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Photo provided by FlickrThis dog Halloween costume for kids closely resembles the real dog! photo by craigemorsels on Flickr
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Whether or not your child likes horses, Dalmatians are a still a cute and loyal dog that is easily recognizable for kids. Maybe they watched the cute little pups in a film or maybe they’ve seen them hanging around their local fire station. However your kids came to know and love Dalmatians, we know they’ll love this playful kids Dalmatian costume for Halloween or even just dress up time!For goodness sake, go there! Do a quick search for ‘kids and dogs in matching halloween costumes.’ What follows is a bounty we’ve brought back from our trip down the cuteness rabbit hole. Enjoy!This kids dog costume comes with everything they need to be on the lookout this Halloween. The 100% polyester black-spotted white jumpsuit is covered in faux fur and has a back zipper for easy on and off. The jumpsuit also has a stuffed tail that will stand up to a long night of trick-or-treating. The puppy paws are sewn to the backs of the wrists and the shoe covers have elastic at the ankles and underfoot so they will stay in place all night. Top it all off with a matching hood that has felt ears on either side and a Velcro tab closure under the chin. Live in a cool climate? This costume will also keep them warm on a chilly Halloween night. Even if you live in a warmer climate, this costume looks so cool they won’t mind being wrapped in faux fur for the night!Now your little one can become a great American food with this walking hot dog costume. This kid’s hot dog costume is the perfect funny Halloween costume. It’s affordable and hilarious - kind of like the real thing! This Halloween costume will transform your child into the best hot dog on the block. The polyfoam tunic is shaped like a hot dog and bun and the hot dog even has a stripe of (simulated) mustard running down the front. It looks almost good enough to eat! Add a black undershirt and pair of dark pants to complete this look. Just watch out for any hungry humans!If you have kids and dogs (or cats… post to come!) for goodness’ sake, please take advantage of Halloween! Dress your kids and dogs in matching Halloween costumes!