3 Most Recommended Dog Booties For Hardwood Floors

Doggie booties. A great way to protect your hardwood floors from scratches.
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Traction boots are designed to prevent slipping on hardwood or tile floors and for outside light duty on snow and grass. Eight sizes - from very small to very large dogs - with our patented comfort foam pad to keep the boot on, with a generous traction patch on the sole!
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I have to share this because it has made such a huge improvement in my dog’s quality of life! As my 14 year old, 65lb dog, Carmina, has gotten older, her hips have gotten weaker. As they have gotten weaker, she started to slip and fall on the hardwood floors. It really killed me to see it happen. Not only did it hurt her, I could see the frustration and helplessness in her expression. Once she was down, she couldn’t get up either. It was awful. I searched the web for solutions, other than carpeting over the whole house, and I found these dog booties. I ordered them, and they have proved PRICELESS! The best dock socks and booties so your dog won't slip on your hardwood floors.
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Photo provided by Flickryour beautiful hardwood floors, you can slip a pair of dog booties on their feet.
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Are you sick of your big dog's nails scratching your wood floors? Do you have an older dog who slips on your tile floor? An improved design to these dog booties for hardwood floors prevent these hassles. Dog booties for hardwood floors are great, but please remember to clip your big dog's nails from time to time. Dogs who wear these boots long term will tend to grow out their nails, and out of sight is not out of mind, right? Order yours today.These patented dog boots are great for long term indoor wear. (U.S. Patent 7,971,557. Canadian Patent 2,486,628.) The soft fleece lining keeps paws cozy and warm, and reduces chafing on your dog's legs which can result from prolonged use of other brands of dog boots. The team at Ultra Paws has designed a special non-skid sole of the shoes to provide secure footing on hardwood flooring. In addition to the no slip grip, these dog shoes protect your floors from costly scratches that will need repairing or lower the value of your home on resale.Maya loves her Ultra Paws TrAction Dog Boots because they keep her from slipping on hardwood floors. These dog boots, made of soft, breathable fleece, comfort foam fit and non-slip sole are comfortable and effective at preventing your dog from slipping on hardwood or tile floors. Wear all four, or just the back two for dogs that need stability for their back paws. Available in black.Does your dog slip and slide on your hardwood or tile floors? Help protect your sweet pooch from potential injury with these Paw-Pads non-slip traction pads. Veterinarian recommended Paw-Pads provide much needed traction for dogs on slippery floors such as hardwood, tile, marble and other slick surfaces. Unlike doggie boots, shoes and rubber socks, your dog won’t even know she has anything on her feet. Orthopedic dog boots are essential for injured, disabled and elderly dogs who have trouble walking, drag their feet, or have paw injuries. When we humans have problems with our feet, back, legs, or hips we don’t hesitate to buy special orthopedic shoes to make us more comfortable, or at least inserts for our shoes that might make the issues more tolerable. Why shouldn’t we do the same for our four-legged loved ones? These boots provide better traction on slippery floors such as hardwood, ceramic and tile and give relief to impaired and arthritic dogs.