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Nite Dawg Light-Up L.E.D. Dog Collar - Great for night-time walks with your pooch!
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Small Dogs – up to 12 lbs. The Smaller size dog light is perfect for smaller dogs with 3/8 inches. It’s lightweight and much smaller, so there is not so much bulk on their collar.
The Guardian Dog Collar Light is the ONLY WATERPROOF light for a dog’s collar.
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For Large dogs –who wear a 1 inch collar. We recommend the hunting guardian light which fits on a one inch collar (doesn’t come with the extra Velcro strap) and has two extra batteries. For big dogs or dogs that pull, how about a custom LED collar cover or clip-on safety light?
Photo provided by FlickrThis light-up LED dog collar is a grr8 gift for your favorite pet or pet lover.
Photo provided by FlickrLED Light Flashing Pet Dog Safety Collar For Night Nylon Adjustable S/M/L/XL.
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With plenty of reflective and light-up pet collars for sale, we know you'll find something that suits your taste as well as your dog's. Choose the color and style you like, and outfit your dog affordably and with peace of mind. All LED collars are rechargeable via USB. All safety collars undergo three levels of quality control testing for your guaranteed satisfaction.Dog Collar with LED Light Up............During Super Storm Sandy we had no power for 3 weeks. Night time you couldn't see your hands in front of your face. These collars came in handy with my 3 dogs. The glow of their collars gave me a sense of security knowing they were close to me. These Collars are made of Sturdy Nylon and plastic... (Collars should be removed when bathing)....

These Collars are excellent for the safety of your pets especially in the night time. Knowing your pet is near by offers comfort,and also make them visible to oncoming drivers or traffic.

push a tiny button once for slow blink, twice for quick blink or three times or solid light....has heavy duty link for id tag

Collars can be adjusted within the dog size

S 13 inches

M 15 inches

L 17 inches XL 19 inches...

Example:My 75lb Boxer Mix, 65lb Lab mix wear a Large and my 25lb hairy mutt wears a small snuggly or a med loose

Comes with (2) 2032 batteries installed...

You will love this item .........
Our LED light-up dog collars offer fashionable designs by day and safety lighting at night. They are available in a range of patterns in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and extra large), and utilize different color LED lights for different patterns: white, blue, red and green.We also found a lot of products that light up – including collars and leashes that twinkle, glow, and/or flash, and battery-operated lights that can be hung on a dog’s collar or harness. Many of these shine very impressively (and festively!) in the dark – but we found that their light is lost in the comparative glare of car headlights, making them suitable for some applications but not for safety from drivers.For example, we found a number of collars, leashes, harnesses, bandannas, and vests that sported varying amounts of reflective material – the stuff that seems to shine brightly back at the source of the light. These products are matchless for helping a driver see you and your dog in his headlights, but they can’t help you see in the dark or help you or other lightless pedestrians see your dog.View this product in our webshop:

Visio Light LED collar for dogs is a luminous collar that is visible from a distance of up to 500 meter. The collar is water resistant and has 2 options: continuous light and flashing light. The collar is rechargeable by using the USB cable to connect the collar to the computer. You don’t need to use batteries! The collar has a length of 70 cm and can be shortened to any desired length up to a length of 20 cm. In this way, the collar fits for every dog. The Visio Light LED collar for dogs comes with a USB cable and is available in the colours orange, blue, green, pink and white. The white collar contains colored LED lights. The colored collars contain white LED lights.