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Protect your floors and your dog's paws with the Non-Skid Dog Socks in Green Camo!
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Protect your precious pooches feet during from the hot summer sidewalk or the cold winter freeze with your special dog socks. Complete with non-skid bottoms in set of 4. - Special design for the pet d More
While our non-skid dog socks can be used to , proper care and use will prolong their life.
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Dog Socks for Dogs - Set of Four with non-skid pads, double cinching for secure fit with skid free pads to help prevent sliding on slippery surfaces. Can be used for in-between shoe or boot sizes to provide a better fit. Use as a protection to sensitive leg or paw areas after surgery, or use to keep your dog's paws toasty warm. Protect your floors and your dog's paws with the colorful Non-Skid Dog Socks in Blue and Green Argyle!
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Photo provided by FlickrFeb 24, 2015 - Non skid socks protect your dog from slipping as well as your hardwood floors
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Similar to non-skid slipper socks for people, protect both your dog and your hardwood floors. Eliminate scratches in fine flooring while protecting your dog from painful injuries caused by falling. creates the best non slip socks that actually stays on your dog’s foot. They are washable, made of breathable cotton fabric and have a wide band that keeps the sock on your dog’s foot. Each sock contains non-skid pads, and they’re easy to take off or put on. Plus, Woodrow Wear socks will not turn or rotate, keeping the traction pad in place at the bottom of the foot if fitted properly. When choosing a size, I recommend sizing down, meaning choosing one size smaller than your dog’s foot, as they will stretch a bit.Non skid socks are perfect for senior and tri-pawed dogs needing an extra bit of traction when navigating slick surfaces, such as tile and hardwood floors. With arthritis, most senior dogs’ legs will splay out from underneath them. It’s difficult to bring their legs back under them so most fall to the ground. With non slip socks, they have traction, which prevents splaying even on slick surfaces. Protect your floors and your dog's paws with this loving and colorful Non-Skid Dog Socks in Pink Pineapple!Why We Love It:The Non-Skid Dog Socks have a fun and colorful design with the adorable Doggie Design logo on the paw for grip. Grips on slippery surfaces and protects your hardwood floors from nail scratches. For dogs with foot injuries, allergies, and sensitive feet. Made with 100% cotton with some elastic in cuff. They are machine washable, but line dry to avoid shrinkage.Tips:
Clip dog’s claws before wearing. Dogs may prance when first wearing the socks. It helps to distract them with a treat or their favorite toy until they get used to them.Sizing Information:X-Small: Width 1.34" Length 3"
Small: Width 2" Length 3.625"
Medium: Width 2.25" Length 4.75"
Large: Width 2.5" Length 5.5"
X-Large: Width 3.24" Length 6.5"Non-skid baby/toddler socks! Someone told me they put the kids socks with rubber on the bottom that give small children traction on their dog and it works. I don’t think most older dogs would be up for this, but if you start anything at the puppy stage, most dogs will tolerate it. They also have these socks made specifically for dogs, but the kids socks work just as well and are more readily available.I agree. Neodogs New Paws look are very good and even have an attachment you can add for traction. They have cold weather as well as indoor regular boots. Non Skid socks. Thanks for the comment Tamara. I would have never found Neo Paws!