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Great pet play pen I keep outside knowing my dog is safe and protected..Gives me peace of mind
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The first item on the agenda is errorless housetraining and chewtoy-training. You can’t expect your new pup to magically know where to pee and poop, what to chew, or when to bark. Instead, you need to teach her. Additionally, you will need to teach your pup that these rules still apply when she is home alone, and that there’s no need to be anxious in your absence. All of this is easy with a doggy den and puppy playpen: short- and long-term confinement areas for your puppy that will help her learn to have free reign of the house.

It is essential to teach your pup to like people and to enjoy being handled. If you don’t actively socialize your puppy to numerous unfamiliar people, she will most certainly develop fears about strangers, especially men and children. These fears can escalate into defensive and aggressive behavior, and a generally unhappy and stressed dog.

As your pup grows older, you must remember to continue socialization outside the home, certainly in puppy classes where your pup can learn to play appropriately with other pups and develop bite inhibition, but also you should strive to incorporate positive training into all aspects of your dog’s life. By training on your walks, in the car and at the park, you will raise a dog who is confident and relaxed in all situations.

Dog Playpen For Outside
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This is a big one. Does your pooch chew to get out of a crate-type environment? Will it be an inside or an outside dog playpen? If you have a chewer, you will not be able to get a soft-sided playpen or your dog will likely destroy it. If you are using it outside, you will need it to be a waterproof material. Dog Playpen For Outside
Photo provided by FlickrDog Playpen For Outside
Photo provided by FlickrDog Playpen For Outside
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A dog play pen is essentially a portable fence that can be set up to provide a large enough space for your dog or puppy to play around in. You can use these playpens inside your home or outside in the yard.PVC and chicken wire pen for dogs/chickens/rabbits - good for a quick play pen outside....I would make sure the top is wired as well - as bunnies are a yummy snack for passing hawks etc...Iconic Pet Double divided tube pen can be used both indoor and outdoor and is designed to keep two pets separated while confined in one space. The Exercise Double Tube Playpen will be ideal for any pet lover with multiple pets. Two luxurious pet pens built into one, saves space and costs significantly lower than two individual playpens. This heavy duty doubled divided playpens are ideal for multiple pets that have to be confined separately. Have peace of mind to contain your pets within the enclosure and not worried about pets bothering each other.

The doors are equipped with latches for maximum safety and security. Quality constructed with simple assembly instructions will set up easily in seconds without using any tools. This pet pen is easy to transport, less obtrusive, more portable and a traditional dog kennel all at the same time. Appropriate for all size dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. The pet exercise playpen enclosure is perfect to be used as a secure play area. It is specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use and can be set up or taken down very easily.

Cage made up of 2 pens while attached together, separated by a door. An excellent way of providing your pet with a secure and safe environment while allowing them to have fun playing inside or outside.

This playpen is ideal for separating puppies from big dogs. Made of heavy duty steel tubes that will not bend. Elevated door design to prevent pets from following you in/out when you open the gate.

While camping in the wilderness, if your dog(s) are prone to wander, a portable dog playpen can safely contain them while they are outside. If you are in a campground, rules will definitely be in place saying your dogs have to be restrained in some manner.If you don’t have a fenced-in yard and don’t trust your pooch to not run away, but want to give your dog the ability to play outside unsupervised and off-leash, an outdoor pen could be just what you need. This portable dog fence for camping is made up of metal wire which has a coating of a black electro-coat finish that is rust resistant. This is great for if you want to use your portable pet fence outside. This metal dog playpen will keep your pet safe and contained while still allowing them some room to move around.