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She just had emergency surgery for a serverely infected uterus (despite her rescue papers saying she was desexed – don’t get me started on that), so I needed to administer a large number of antibiotics and pain relief pills twice a day post surgery. I’ve always had dogs, but this is my first older rescue, and wasn’t quite prepared for her mouth sensitivity when trying to administer the pill via the butter-shove-down-throat method. Surprise was on my side for pill 1, but no chance with the remaining 6-odd, twice a day.
For example, quality canine pain pills can be combined with long-term joint supplementation as a way to manage your pet dog’s aches and pains.
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There are options for easing your dog’s pain. NSAIDs work, but there are detrimental downsides. A vet’s diagnosis, to address the source, is optimal for treating a dog’s persistent pain. In the short term, quality pet pain pills are much preferred to human drugs. Give the pills at least for a few days even if the dog doesn't seem to need it! Dogs are VERY good at hiding pain, as this is in their instincts!
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How do these types of over-dosages occur? It varies. Most happen because well-meaning owners give their dogs Tylenol or Advil over the course of a few days, assuming they’re helping their dog. By the time their dog presents with bloody diarrhea, jaundice, or a sharp spike in their thirst, it’s often too late and organ damage has occurred. Other dogs overdose because they get into their owner’s purse or cabinet and help themselves to the pill bottle. Many pain pills are coated with a sweet coating that tastes really good to dogs, so always keep your medications where your dog can’t get them.The agent with the attorney general's office said between August and October 2016, Peters used four Lehigh County veterinarians to get close to 1,200 pills of Tramadol, an opioid used to treat chronic pain in dogs.
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dog pain after surgeryBesides veterinary pills, the other common factor in drug poisoning is the reckless administration of over-the-counter drugs by a dog owner without prior consultation from a veterinarian. Often, what is not taken into account is that the same drug dose given to a human cannot be given to an animal. Incorrect dosages will often result in overdosing and drug poisoning. Even as little as two tablets of an acetaminophen pain reliever can cause severe organ damage in a medium-sized dog. Because animals do not have the natural enzymes necessary for detoxifying and eliminating drugs, medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen are a major cause of drug poisoning in dogs.