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Many pet owners consider dog boots as both a practical and functional solution for paw protection in the same way a shoe or boot protects a human foot. It's not just about being stylish or fancy, even though lots of dog boots certainly look attractive.
Learn how to properly measure your dog's paw width for boots.To learn more tips and tricks, visit us at:
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Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots 303D come in six sizes and two color options. Made of water-resistant nylon, the boots keep the dog's paws dry in wet conditions. Toughtek, a grippy and flexible thermoplastic material, covers the top of the toe and the sole of the boot to provide excellent traction. Built with split-seam sides that expand, the boots easily slip on, but the Velcro straps hold them firmly in place. Foam at the Velcro closures provides cushioning for extra comfort. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots 303D clean up easily. Just wash them on the delicate cycle and hang them up to dry. Many people however asked: 'So why would dog's need boots? Aren't their pads strong enough and made to walk barepaw?'
Photo provided by FlickrThe REI Adventure dog boots help protect your pup's paws from ice, hot sand, rocks, thorns, broken glass and other rough terrain.
Photo provided by FlickrIf you are looking for boots to protect your dog’s paws from hot pavement or rugged, rocky surfaces, our summer boot of choice is the .
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For the best fit, measure from the bottom of the big heel pad to the tip of the longest toe nail.
If the paw is in-between two sizes, select the larger size.
Pawz Dog Boots should fit securely around the leg and comfortable around the paw.Like a sock, PAWZ moves with your dog, allowing for full paw motion and maximum comfort. Without padding or sole, PAWZ allows your dog to feel the ground, providing the needed sense of security not possible with a typical dog boot. This is the main reason why dogs that won’t wear dog boots WILL WEAR PAWZ.Your dog WILL WEAR PAWZ boots. Whether it’s because there are no zippers or straps, or because there is no padding, dogs accept wearing PAWZ dog boots even when they won’t wear other brands. Feeling the ground through the boot is what gives your dog that needed sense of security.While they are very fashionable, PAWZ was designed to be functional. Form follows function to create serious paw protection for your dog. These are protective boots not a fashion accessory. Made of natural rubber, PAWZ boots are biodegradable. And being environmentally green is always fashionable.To that end, when you expect that your dog is likely to encounter damaging conditions on a walk, you have your choice of remedies. There are waxes and balms meant to go on before and after walks. There are dog boots, dog socks, and even snappy dog shoes, which all have the advantage of not requiring that you wash your dog’s paws after a stroll. The disadvantage is that outerwear isn’t natural for your pup and they might hate walking in them. Figure out what works best for your dog using our list of options here. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something more fashionable than functional, check out our .If you want something truly durable, you’ll have to go for full-on dog boots. When looking at this option, you have to make some choices depending on where you plan to take your dog. This Hurtta model is ultra-tough, made from “Houndtex,” which is like Gore-Tex for dogs. That means they’re totally waterproof. They also have non-slip, tough rubber soles for excellent traction and long wear. These would be great for trail use or for very long walks in inclement weather. They sell these by the pair because they fit a little more tightly than a lot of other styles. Use the guide to measure your dog’s paws and choose the right size for both front and back.