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Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel is constructed of weatherproof, full-dimension steel that includes 1 1/2" tubing and 8-gauge steel wire. This spacious outside dog kennel features a double-door design for convenient and easy access to your precious pets. In addition, this two-door design allows you to customize your access according to your unique preferences. For instance, you can set it up so that you can open the top door for feeding purposes and utilize the bottom door as an exit and entrance for when you take your dogs out. For added security, these doors feature pet-proof locks to ensure that your favorite canine companions remain safe and secure. This enclosed outside dog pen also features a raised-leg design that makes the kennel easy to clean and prevents dirt and bacteria from hiding in hard-to-detect places. For your convenience, these kennels are made for remarkably fast and easy assembly and disassemble for storage or relocation. Additional Advantek kennel kits may be purchased to add to or even change the configuration of the kennel. This item can ship only via freight carrier. In order to complete your order, we must have a valid phone number. The shipping company will contact you separately to coordinate delivery. Please enter your phone number when prompted during the add-to-cart process.
Our backyard dog kennels are of the highest quality and worksmanship available, also portable outside metal dog pens.
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Dog kennels are the perfect way to provide your pooch with a safe, secure place to play. Buying a ready-to-assemble kennel isn’t an option for some owners, so many choose to build their own, inexpensive kennel to contain their canine companions during outside play time. Fortunately, Petco carries a wide selection of dog pens that can offer your pup outside access while giving them some much-needed boundaries
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“My outside kennels all have some kind of covers so my dogs can get some shade in hot weather and have a dry place to be out of the rain or snow,” says Jim Nevers, a vizsla owner from Pennsylvania. “Some kennels are covered with a stiff wire mesh to keep rambunctious dogs from climbing out and hot-to-trot males from climbing in when there are females in heat.”Many gun dogs probably spend 95 percent of their lives in an outside kennel run, waiting for , training and days in the field and on the water during hunting season.Remember that a dog is not a thing to be locked up and forgotten. He needs an inside home and interaction with his family. For his own protection, for safe exercise and fresh air, an outside dog pen may be necessary, but it should never be more than a temporary space for him while you are unable to supervise him closely. Dogs are pack animals, and you are your dog's pack. Putting him in a pen all the time will deprive him of his pack and leave him lonely and stressed. If you have no time in your life for companionship with your canine friend, a dog pen is not the answer. Consider not keeping a dog until your life can more fully accommodate the emotional needs, as well as the physical needs, of a pet.A high quality chain link dog kennel allows your dog to see out into the yard, and feel close to the family when everyone is outside enjoying a picnic or doing yard work. Not only do our metal dog kennels offer your dog pen visibility, but they also get to enjoy great air flow through the kenneled fencing. Set atop of these quality metal dog kennels is a shade that fits over the fencing material. This means that no matter what time of day your pooch must be in his outside backyard dog kennel, he will be properly shaded from the harsh sunlight. Having a sturdy cover over one of our yard dog kennels also means that your dog will be kept out of rain should showers occur while he is outside.Think about it, what’s the worst that can happen to a chain-link dog kennel? At the very worst, it will get a little bit of rust on it. Now on the flip side of things, and outside dog kennel made of wood can deteriorate both due to the weather elements, such as rain and snow and ice, as well as parasites, such as termites.As we mentioned previously, dog enclosures provide a way for your dog to freely get exercise in a safe environment. Now when we say safe environment, we mean both for your dog and for all of your property that your dog may want to chew and destroy. Outside dog enclosures allow your dog to expend a lot of energy as they are going to be constantly stimulated by all of the things that make nature beautiful.