Man shames dog owner over poop on lawn

Dog poop on your lawn can be very frustrating, but here are a few things you shouldn't do:
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Sure I was told that they would pay the extra money he would charge for picking up their dog poop. The problem I have is they will not honor my request. I don't want to harm the dog, just keep him off my lawn!
Let us clean up after your dog poop and make your lawn a fun, clean and safe place to be.
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It does matter where your dog poops. It’s become habit for many dog owners to let their pets relieve themselves, poop or pee on the edges of neighbors lawns or landscaping, but the truth of it is, MOST neighbors do not like it. They might not be as direct as the neighbor you got into it with, but they most likely think irritated or angry thoughts of you and your pets. So, how do you handle the messy issue of a neighbor’s poop-on-your-lawn dog?
Photo provided by FlickrIf you do not remove dog poop from your lawn, you run the risk of carrying the following hazardous bacteria and parasites on your lawn:
Photo provided by FlickrHas this worked for you? I have a problem with dogs pooping on my lawn and I need a solution that works!
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Cleaning up dog poop quickly is the best way to prevent yellowing caused by poop. For urine, while there are tablets on the market that claim to alter the Ph of dogs, they don’t work and may actually harm your dog by causing urinary crystals or other problems.

The best thing to do is to have your dog drink lots of water, as this dilutes the urine, decreasing the concentration of nitrogen.

The second thing that is effective is to water the lawn frequently, especially just after the dog urinates. The first time in the morning is has the highest concentration of nitrogen, so it is particularly crucial then.

Also, avoid fertilizers heavy in nitrogen. Those used by grass treatment companies are high in nitrogen because it is a quick-greening chemical.
In 2014, Annie’s neighbor (or neighbors) consistently failed to clean up after his or her dog, and kept leaving poop all over her lawn. However, Annie had no idea who was doing it, so she couldn’t confront them personally.A solution that solves all the problems is to have a small pen or kennel in one part of the yard where the dog is free to move about, but where the damage from urine, digging or running is contained to a single area of the lawn.

This solution requires you to let the dog out of the kennel and spend time either walking the dog, playing with it in the yard so you can prevent any digging, and keeping the kennel clean from poop and weeds.

Creating an area of lawn that is landscaped with pebbles or mulch and a marking post such as a bird bath or boulder is another solution. By training the dog over a series of weeks, you can train him to use that area of the lawn for urinating and pooping. This method requires constant supervision of the dog while in the yard for a number of weeks.In the neighborhoods of South Los Angeles and East Los Angeles there are bottles of water on the lawns. The bottles keep dogs and cats from pooping on ...