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Note: This article is designed to help inform you about roundworms in dogs and is not meant to take the place of a veterinary diagnosis or consultation. If you think your dog might have roundworms or any parasite, contact your vet right away to set up an appointment for an examination and to ensure that your dog receives the safest and most effective treatment.
There are some great preventatives for roundworms. Treatments are dog-specific, so talk with your  or  for recommendations.
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The life cycle of Toxocara canis is more complicated than that of other nematode worms found in dogs. Roundworms can complete their life cycle in immature dogs, but as the pup’s immune system matures (usually by 6 months of age), the larval stages will become “arrested” or encyst in the pup’s muscles Roundworm larvae swallowed by adult dogs usually encyst in the dog’s tissues. Few roundworms will mature in the bowel of infected adult dogs. Consequently few eggs are passed in the stool leading to difficulty in definitive diagnosis and treatment. Jump to Roundworm Treatment for Dogs - Treatment for roundworms in dogs begins with proper diagnosis
Photo provided by FlickrThe transmission, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and public health (zoonotic) hazards of the raccoon roundworm, Baylisascaris procyonis in dogs.
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Roundworms (often simply called worms) are extremely common in pets. In dogs and cats, worms may cause no symptoms whatsoever, or they may cause and other gastrointestinal problems. Many safe and effective treatments and preventatives are available to keep pets free of worms.Intestinal parasites like hookworms and roundworms are common and sometimes fatal conditions that can affect puppies whose immune systems aren’t fully formed yet. There are no vaccines available for hookworms or roundworms, so helping a pup with either parasite requires a keen eye to spot symptoms and then a trip to the vet: de-worming medications are necessary and you cannot eradicate it with an at-home treatment. If left untreated, these parasitic worms can cause death due to complications like malnutrition and anemia. With young dogs, it’s extremely important to watch for signs of infection and treat any cases as quickly as possible.Roundworm in dogs is spread through eggs in the stool ofinfected dogs and can be passed to humans. Treatment of roundworms isrelatively simple, but if left untreated, roundworms can lead toconvulsions and even death.Treatment for roundworm in dogs is a simple dewormer, which can beprescribed by your veterinarian. To kill eggs that may be in yourhouse, use a bleach treatment. Be sure to clean any area where the dogeliminates.With a feces sample and an accurate history of your dog's symptoms, the veterinarian should be able to accurately diagnose your dog's illness. When it comes to treatment, most veterinarians will offer deworming medication annually regardless of a known infection. Annual deworming treatment is an excellent way to help prevent your dog from developing a roundworm infection. Roundworms in dogs are relatively easy to treat, especially if theparasitic infection is caught early. It is important for dog owners tobe aware of the symptoms so treatment can promptly begin.