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Donuts, Dogs and Sweatpants- Long Sleeve Comfort Colors Shirt – Treat Dreams
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We make sure that your fashion conscious dog has the best to keep their wardrobe updated regularly ensuing that they are suited to every occasion and season. At Urban Pup we ensure that functionality is balanced with style, so you can be sure that your pet pooch is getting the best quality dog clothes that will always be on trend and comfortable. When it comes to our t-shirt dog clothing range we also give you free creative reign so you can create the ultimate look for your pup. We know that your dog's wardrobe isn't complete with a selection of fashionable t-shirts that come complete with slogan, images and customisable text. We also have an array of harness or non-harness t-shirts in our dog clothing range, as we value safety just as highly as style.
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This DIY is so cheap (less than $5) and easy, you can fashion as many tees as you'd like for your furry friend. Soon enough, he/she will have more shirts than you do! If your dog is 15 pounds or less, get a newborn-sized onesie. If they are 15 and above, use a 3 months size. Shelter Dogs - Shelter dogs need homes more than pet stores need your money (Dog Tshirts)
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And don’t forget that we offer more than just super-soft cotton tees! Our funny designs are also available on aprons, shower curtains, mugs and more. So, whether it’s a t-shirt or a hoodie or a tote bag or duvet cover, you’ll win with a gift from CrazyDog.I ordered your ThunderShirt for my Italian Greyhound foster Colin - he has huge separation anxiety issues. From the moment I got it on him, the change was amazing! He was content, even to the point of just laying on the doggie bed. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I have to admit, I had my doubts that a shirt could make a difference – but with what I witnessed last evening and this AM when I left for work – wow. Amazed, agog, incredulous all come to mind. I am a believer!How to make a dog shirt out of a t shirt
Follow the link above if you're interested in one of the t shirt designs we have. They are regular human shirts that you can make into a dog shirt. Supplies needed: scissor (or rotary cutter), measuring tape, plate and t shirt. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. And remember, safety first when making your dog shirt.

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how to make a dog tee shirt This cool Border collie t-shirt will impress everybody by its vivid look. The Mountain offers you the amazingly realistic ‘3D Border Collie Face T-Shirt The Mountain', designed by the artist Vincent Hie. The pseudo 3D t-shirt will last you years. Made from 100% cotton and hand-dyed with eco-friendly organic inks in the USA, the dog shirt has a natural... Beautiful Rottie is absolutely cool style from The Mountain! This incredible ‘Rottweiler Face T-Shirt’ is created with pseudo 3D technology and looks extremely realistic! The dog shirt is hand-dyed with special eco-friendly nontoxic inks in the USA and its image won’t fade long. Made from 100% cotton, the tee is comfortable to wear. The amazing tee will... Do you want a big dog face on your chest? This pseudo 3D ‘Corgi T-Shirt' from The Mountain will draw the attention of your friends, relatives, and passerby. The dog shirt is hand-dyed in warm colors with eco-friendly nontoxic inks in the USA. The cool image of the corgi dog won’t fade even after many washes. Perfect as a gift! Buy it now at the...