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Woodpecker's Dog Show Supplies provides Cat Grooming and Dog Grooming services in Saginaw, TX.
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As one of the largest suppliers of ring gates to dog shows, we have a complete selection of ring gates including wood, Practigates PVC as well as traditional and wire ring gate uprights. JJ Dog also offers all the ring gates and uprights that you need to make a complete 40' x 50' show ring.
We offer the finest quality high performance dog supplies and dog exercise equipment along with Show Dog Supplies.
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In addition to actual dog show supply vendors, you will also find other vendors of dog show memorabilia at most shows. These vendors may be selling anything from signed and numbered dog art prints and sculptures, to doggie jewelry, to doggie clothing and bedding. In short, whatever you may be in the market for usually has a dog show supply company to fit. There are four main sources of dog show supply open to consumers, and each has a varying degree of usefulness.
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J&J Dog Supplies has put all of the items we carry that meet AKC regulations. AKC does not necessarily approve these products, however this line-up of products again meets the AKC requirements and most have been featured or utilized at shows including the AKC Nationals.Dog comfort and transport are two very important things to competitive dog owners. Our selection of dog crates and kennels offers an array of styles, sizes, colors and applications from everyday travel, long road trips to the next dog show or airline transport. J&J Dog Supplies offers everything you need for dog comfort when it comes to dog crates and kennels. Dog Show Trolleys are an indispensable part of dog show equipment to exhibitors worldwide. Show Trolleys not only protect the hours of work preparing coated breeds for the show ring, but offer security from parking lot to ringside, a feature not missed by short haired dogs also. A mobile, lightweight combination grooming table and security cage with the added advantage of folding up to a space saving 6 inches width. Best In Show Trolleys are the original manufacturers of collapsible tubular aluminum Show Trolleys from Australia and have supplied exhibitors worldwide for over 40 years.I actually used an old love seat that we didn’t have room for anywhere else in the house, a slip cover we purchased from target and old curtains we had around the house to decorate the dog room. The armoire in the dog room is also a piece of furniture we had around the house. It holds the TV and many of my dog supplies. In the closet, I can store all of my large dog show supplies, such as the grooming box, chairs and cooler. This allows me to keep everything together and makes it very easy to pack for a dog show.J&J Dog Supplies has been a leader in the dog competition and show market for decades. During that time we have gathered data about dog show products working with associations and individuals. Our Show Products category is designed to assist preparing for the shows with products designed for dog show training actual event products.