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Not too attractive and cannot be folded, but convenient rubber grippers will help to keep the stairs in place and those carpet treads can be easily removed for washing. Steps themselves are a little hard (treads are thin) so should not be used for dogs with arthritis or joint problems. Step II is suitable for small, medium and even large – but not too large – dogs, which is also indicated by their wide-step design. Oh, and they're very cheap!
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So what makes these stairs so unique? First, the foam density is an exemplified feature. Royal Ramps offers 1.5 pounds per cubic foot of Industrial-Grade, high-density foam. This allows for extra firm support, with 50% more density than many other products; however, the foam itself is still lightweight enough for you to move the dog stairs around. Furthermore, the life cycle of the foam has been constructed to last the lifetime of your pet. Other products typically only have 1 pound per cubic foot, commercial grade packaging foam. When constructed from this material, your stairs will break down faster, as this type of foam is not intended for long term, repetitive use. It will crush down more easily, and once this has occurred, the stairs cannot provide safety or security for your pets. Furthermore, many other brands of stairs use materials that are cheap to produce, but overly flimsy and lightweight, so that they too easily shift around, which could be dangerous for your pet; or, the materials are so heavy that you could hurt your own back or neck moving them into place. Online Shopping with great foam dog stairs, Compare prices and reviews for best cheap foam dog stairs.
Photo provided by FlickrEdit: Bought it. Cheap piece of crap. Do not waste a penny on it!) Convertible Dog Stairs $18.95 for the 3 step &15.95 for the 2 step.
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Not the cheapest one, like , on the list but also far from expensive, this Pet Stool comes with slip-resistant carpeted steps and simplistic-yet-effective design. The steps aren't very sturdy though and the lightweight design (which should be a positive aspect) comes out as a disadvantage of the product. However, the design looks better than some other dog stairs below and seems to work well.This is one of the all time favorite cheap dog steps for small dogs, and it works great for medium sized pets as well. It weighs no more than five pounds, but still manage to carry the weight of a 120 pound dog. There is no need to worry about the stability when your pet is making his way on these doggy steps for bed, as the edges are heightened in order to prevent slipping and falling off.If you’re looking for a cheaper option for your dog stairs, check out these Pup Step Plus Pet Stairs. Built with plastic, these stairs are super lightweight – only 5 lbs!Thank you for this post! I’ve been racking my brain trying to find a cheap temporary solution for our new staircase for our less-than-graceful 110 lb. dog. This is perfect!These are another great option to use as dog steps for your bed. You can choose between three or four steps, with the first being 15 inches high, and the other 20 inches. They might look soft from the pictures, but are in fact very solid and sturdy. This is reflected by the huge amount of weight they are able to support, that is, up to 200 pounds. However, they are soft in the sense that they are comfortable to walk on, making it an enjoyable experience for your pet to snuggle up beside you. Both models can be considered as cheap dog stairs when looking at the price, if you think about the quality of what you’re getting.