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Dog Tag Bone Trim Ring for Collar by jpryor27 is licensed under the  license.
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It's shaped like a red dog collar with a gold bone-shaped tag and belongs to the , having been left behind after the dog went missing. Before goes into , asks him to locate the missing tag as a lead in his case. The Tag is located in Space Voyage behind a glass case to the right of Mickey's starting position. Mickey has to thin out the surface of the nearby elevator (the one that leads up to the platform with the pad that, when activated by a , makes the crane operational), ride it up, get out, and jump onto the platform that faces the opening of the case to get the Tag.
Custom pet ID quiet collar tag Timber by makeyourdogsmile on Etsy, $24.00
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No matter what kind of style your pup prefers – bedazzled bones, fancy collars, or team spirit tags – you’ll find we have the perfect dog ID tags to complement their style. Explore the Petco selection of dog tags for pets to find the one that’s right for you! If your dog already has a collar, a slide-on tag is an alternative to the traditional hanging tag.
Photo provided by FlickrMade this for my dogs noisy metal name tag on their collars. Bone shape which is popular from online retailers.
Photo provided by Flickr1 inch wide dog tag collar
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The ID that looks like a Driver's License for all 50 States. Your loved cat, dog, or any pet will get an authentic State Dog ID collar tag, along with (3) Personalized Key-Chain IDs for $19.95. Additional pets only $9.95 at checkout! Get the most unique Personalized Pet ID Tag available.Getting a brand new Lupine Collar and Lead set? Then you most certainly need a tag that is made especially to match the pattern. These official Lupine pattern tags will look great on any matching collar and are specially designed and licensed to make your pet look their very best.
Dog Tag Art tags are made from an ultra-strong recycled steel core about 1mm think. The steel is coated with an everlasting special polymer which allows us to infuse graphics and text using a special process. The final result is a pleasure to hold with smooth rounded edges and a porcelain look and feel. They are manufactured and made in the U.S. Each tag comes with a sturdy steel split keyring for attachment. We guarantee the tag text will never become unreadable. If, for some crazy reason, it does we’ll replace it for free!Our Pet IDs and Dog Collar tags can be put on your keychain, on your Pet's collar, or keep as a spare Pet ID in your wallet. Design Online in under 5 minutes, orders print in 24 hours. Pet ID tags on your martingale collar or dog harness ! Finally ! I am happy to help you keep your pet safe by adding custom dog ID tags to your collar or harness.

This tag style can be ordered for a collar or harness you already own, or you can order it when you are purchasing a collar from me !

If I made a collar or harness for you before I had these tags to add as a component, you can order the clip-on tag that you see on Mojo's collar. They are very secure and will not fall off; you have to manipulate the collar to purposely remove the tag. You can use the tag again and again or change it from collar to collar.

The ID tag you see on Hazel's collar and Huey's collar are "sewn-on" , meaning made right into your collar or harness. You do NOT remove them when you do your dog's laundry. You CAN'T remove them ! When you are ready to order another collar you can send back the old one and I can re-use your tag.

These tags are for collars that are 3/4" wide and 1" wide. These tags are stainless steel and the information is engraved, not etched or stamped. It will not EVER wear off or fade away.

**If your dog wears a 1.5" wide collar I CAN incorporate a tag into the collar . Unfortunately the ONLY way I can accomplish this is to do so on a collar you are ordering from me. If you have purchased a 1.5" wide collar from me in the past and you are still using it, I am happy to add it to your collar at n/c if you mail it back to me. Just please contact me before ordering a tag for your 1.5" wide collar**

You can add up to 5 lines of text, which can include basic info or your pet's microchip or rabies ID number. I only offer one font, as shown. For a sewn-on tag you MUST order it when you order your collar or harness. A "clip-on" tag can be ordered at any time.

Ordering a custom tag to add to your collar will add about 5 days to your order.
This listing is for a custom ID tag ONLY. It does not include a collar or harness.