Below are the best Thanksgiving dog sweaters out there.

THANKSGIVING DOG SWEATER CUSTOM MADE WE KNIT FOR THE by fifime--yep, just bought this for Paxi =)
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There’s good news and bad news with this one. The bad news: There just aren’t that many Thanksgiving dog sweater options out there. But, on the flip side, this is good news. You’re not going to be overwhelmed with 800 options like you are with Halloween costumes and Christmas sweaters.
If you’re wanting a stylish Thanksgiving dog sweater, look no further. This number looks like it could be part of a fall fashion collection.
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Speaking of warmth, for many dogs, especially those smaller in size, the late fall gets colder in temperature than they can handle and they need the warmth and protection of a sweater. A Thanksgiving dog sweater is perfect then to help your frozen furball stay warm. Keeping up with the turkey theme, you can’t go wrong with this lovely little Thanksgiving dog sweater. It’s so cute, so simple, so fun.
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Photo provided by FlickrThis Thanksgiving dog sweater goes all in for the cute factor. Pilgrims and indians? Check. Colorful turkey? Check? Pumpkins and corn? Oh yeah.
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ome pet parents love dressing up their adorable pooches, especially during the holidays. This coming Thanksgiving is definitely not an exception. Since it’s already sweater-weather, why not dress up your furry friend in a dog thanksgiving sweater? It will surely be fun and your four-legged pal will get quite comfy as he gobbles all the doggy treats you prepared for him this Thanksgiving.Every year, I let my dogs join in the Thanksgiving festivities as I’m grateful every single day I get to spend with them. They have been as loving and loyal as they can be and truly my best friends. It’s only fitting to give back the love, don’t you think? If you’re still wondering how to show your pooch how thankful you are for having him, you might want to give him a dog thanksgiving sweater he could wear this holiday. What kind of dog sweater, you ask? Scroll on for some ideas.Thanksgiving Day is one of our most awaited holidays every year. It would be really lovely if you let your precious pooches join in the festivity. Well, why not? I bet you’re as thankful as I am for having these amazing dogs in our lives. Aside from preparing a for your fur babies, you could also give them a dog thanksgiving sweater as a gift. There are a lot of designs in the market you can choose but you could also make one yourself to make it more special.This knitted dog thanksgiving sweater will definitely warm up your pooch as he enjoys his favorite goodies you prepped for Thanksgiving Day. I particularly like the turkey design as it’s very apt for the holiday. Get your dog a holiday sweater like .Thanksgiving is a time when families come together to enjoy good food and good company. This Thanksgiving dog sweater hits home what many of us are thinking at this time: We’re thankful for family.Simple yet classy, this stretchy orange dog thanksgiving sweater is definitely a must-have! What I like about this dog sweater is its color is in theme for the Thanksgiving holiday but is not “exclusive” just for that day. You can still let your dog wear it for the rest of the chilly weather! Get your dog this .