Dog Grooming Guide: Tips on Trimmers & Technique

It should take you from 15 to 20 minutes to trim your dog. Feeling ready? Start clipping!
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You’ll find Petco carries a wide range of dog grooming tools from brushes to nail clippers each performing essential functions to keep your pup feeling their best. Besides basic dog grooming brushes, you’ll discover a supply of slicker, wire and deshedding brushes for canines of every coat length. If their hair gets a bit unwieldy, then rest assured Petco has a large selection of clippers, shears and accessories for giving your pooch a trim. You’ll also find nail clippers and grinders ideal for safely manicuring their claws.
Use your right arm and upper body to keep the dog laying on his/her side. Hold the trimmer in your right hand.
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Strokes Per Minute: Higher SPM- Strokes Per Minute or SPM is a crucial factor that decides how long it can take trim the hair. For a dog with excessive hair growth, a clipper with a stroke range from 3000- 4000 SPM is recommended as it can smooth cut through such heaving hair coat. Selecting Clippers with less stroke range than this range would only result in uncomfortable and uneven shearing. Don’t even think about scissors or Shearer- the results might be dangerous for you or your beloved pet. There are several styles of nail trimmers, including a guillotine type and a scissors type. The guillotine type is the easiest to use in dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrBefore turning on the clippers,  Start by tidying up areas where the dog has been recently trimmed but the fur has begun to grow back.
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Combs, clips, trims, and shapes dogs' coats to groom dogs, using knowledge of caninecharacteristics and grooming techniques and styles: Reads written or receives oral instructions todetermine clipping pattern desired. Places dog on grooming table and fits grooming collar on dog tohold animal to table. Studies proportions of dog to determine most appropriate cutting pattern toachieve desired style. Clips dog's hair according to determined pattern, using electric clippers,comb, and barber's shears. Combs and shapes dog's coat. Talks to dog or uses other techniques tocalm animal.While it isn’t everything the PowerGroom (reviewed below) is, it is everything you could ever want in a trimmer. You have 2 speeds (3,400 and 4,400 RPMs), giving you more speed than most professional groomers. professional. Small dogs. Big dogs. It does them all. Matted, straight. It doesn’t matter, this trimmer can handle it.However, the best professional-grade dog clipper is going to make your job a lot easier. These tools are designed to make all-day trimming more pleasant for both the groomer and the dog.If you’ve ever had to give yourself a haircut, you no doubt understand how we can all use a little help sometimes! Anyway, we did a bunch of research and consulting with a few dog grooming experts to come up with a few good options as well as some good, basic guidelines you can follow if you're giving your pup a trim at home. What really won me over was how quiet these trimmers are. This is especially nice if you are trimming sensitive areas that might make the dog jump. These clippers are so quiet, that they are almost soothing.At first glance, your dog groomer's clippers might seem just like the ones the barber uses for trimming your hair. A closer look shows differences, such as a different blade design to prevent pulling a pet's hair. Pet clippers have motors and blades designed to cut a variety of fur types. As a result, their price can be nearly 1.5 times as high as human hair clippers.