Dog wash tubs for a self service dog wash

Our economy dog wash tubs include many of Direct’s high-end features you’ll enjoy for years.
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As for the tubs being low to the ground, typical tubs have bottoms that are around 18-20" high. If too high, it is more difficult to get dogs in; if too low, bathers have to bend over too much, which is hard on one's back (and is one of the reasons washing dogs at a self-serve facility is easier than doing it at home in a regular bathtub). It appeared in the case of one tub style you referred to, that several customers were bending over quite a bit.
Commercial Dog Washing Stations - K9Tubs
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Our Pet Self-Wash stations are recently remodeled in all three stores and designed to take the fuss out of giving your pet a bath! Our beautiful walk up tubs allow you to get your pup into the tub without lifting. We provide shampoo, conditioner, towels, aprons, grooming tools, and anything else you might need to help get your pooch clean.
You provide the dog, we provide the clean-up. Self Wash bath tubs are available now at all three of our locally owned pet store locations: PetSaver Webster, PetSaver Greece and PetSaver Brighton! Commercial Dog Washing Stations - K9Tubs
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Photo provided by FlickrDog wash tubs for a self service dog wash
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The New Breed Dog Baths are perfect for pet groomers looking for durable yet attractive dog bath tubs. They’re ideal for self serve dog wash business, kennels as well as veterinary hospitals, clinics and even residential use. They’re great for grooming large dogs or small dogs.There is a lot more to be concerned with than durability. I hesitate to disparage a particular product, but it is important to me to be up front and candid with people when they ask questions that I have knowledge about. So here it goes:

Those plastic tubs may be OK for some people to wash their dogs in the backyard with a garden hose, which is what they are really intended for--but that's about it. They are vastly inferior to standard dog tubs (to put it mildly), and are not at all appropriate for commercial use. And again, they weren't designed for commercial use, only the occasional backyard wash in the summer.Related to the above is a safety issue: I would also be concerned about the possibility of a rambunctious dog getting part or most of its body out of such a tub with a restraint attached, which would be dangerous. These are my three biggest concerns regarding such tubs when it comes to washing medium to large dogs (which most that typically frequent SSDW's are).We're here to help make washing your pooch easy. With our self-serve dog wash you can wash your dog without making an appointment. The elevated wash tubs will help prevent the sore back and knees that can come from washing your pet at home. When you visit, you can choose from a variety of premium shampoos and conditioners available that will leave your pet looking and smelling great! Our dog wash offers high-speed, professional dryers that will have your canine companion dry in minutes. We provide the shampoo, conditioner, waterproof grooming apron, towels, grooming table, brushes, and combs to make grooming your dog a snap. Come in, pamper your pet, and leave the mess to us! Pet wash is much easier and more fun once you have pet grooming tubs. Browse the home and portable versions as well as professional items suitable for dog wash stations. Now washing your hairy little friend is going to be a pleasure. Please call to schedule an appointment to use the self dog wash tubs.
Walk-ins for the self dog wash are welcome if the
tubs are available. All scheduled appointments have priority over walk-ins.