It is legal to bag your dog waste and put it in the garbage can.

Is it OK to drop dog poop in a neighbor's garbage can
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In the urban part of my city like my neighborhood, the trash bins are the large wheeled kind that the truck picks up automatically when the garbage men slide the bin onto the lever arms. So the garbage men never have to touch the garbage/bags inside the bin and the bins are flipped fully upside down so its rare that even a small bit of trash is left inside. I only put waste bags into bins if they are at the curb and the garbage has not yet been picked up (when pickup day is that day or the next day). On my regular walking route, there were a few dog-owning homes where I asked permission to use their trash can on any day of the week.
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I’m a dog owner fortunate enough to have a yard, but its a small one and I am out there picking it up every day or two and bagging it and putting it in my very small garbage “box.” We have a problem here with irresponsible dog owners in Seattle and it is a growing one. While I am glad they pick it up as much as they do there should be no depositing of the dog waste in someone else’s trash receptacle–its messy and possible toxic regardless what type of bag it is in. I often carry my dog’s waste all the way home with me unless there is an official garbage can–city owned not private. I Throw Away My Dog's Poop In Your Trash Can
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1. Take an old plastic garbage can and drill a dozen or so holes in the sides.
2. Cut out the bottom. (A keyhole saw works great for this.)
3. Dig a hole deep enough for the garbage can.
4. Toss some rocks or gravel in the hole for drainage and position the garbage can so it’s a little above ground level.
5. Place the lid on top. (You might want to paint something like “Dog Waste Composter” across the lid.)
6. Start scooping.“Is your garbage can so pristine that you have a preference for what type of wastes go in there?” a dog owner to a similar protest last month on a Washington, D.C. listserv. “This list is always aflame with people who complain about people not cleaning up after their dog…….well this person did.” While burying a garbage can to compost dog waste might seem like overkill if you live near the woods or close to a patch bushes, dealing with dog waste in an environmentally friendly manner is always a good thing.Not only is it un neighborly to dispose of your garage/dog feces in your neighbor’s garbage cans/yard waste bins/ recycle containers without their permission it is agaisnt the law.
21.36.440 – Unlawful use of solid waste container on private property.
It is unlawful for anyone not authorized by the property owner or occupant to deposit any material in any solid waste container on private property or on a sidewalk or a planting strip abutting private property.I really don’t understand the objection to throwing dog waste in other people’s trash bins. It’s a garbage can, for Pete’s sake. I would much rather someone throw their dog waste in my bin than leave it on the grass or sidewalk. There are very few public bins in our neighborhood. Hi Nola, it happens to us too, we can’t put the recycling or yard waste the night before pick up because people put dog poop in it. Yes, we take it out, otherwise we will get fined or the recycling is a waste.
My garbage, recycling and yard waste is not public, so people should take their dog poop home and put it in their own garbage.