To Go Bowl: A Travel Dog Water Dish That Fits In Your Cars Cupholder

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I have 3 dogs ranging from a 24 lb terrier mix to a 60+ hound mix. When I let them outside in the Summer, I put this out with them. It allows the dogs to stay outside a little longer (they don't run out of water) and it allows me fewer trips to the water dish to check on how much water is left.

This is meant to be used outside or whereever you would normally use a 'traveling waterbowl'. When you put it from an upright to a down position, it will splash out a little water. I *love* that I can tilt it to the side before I pick it up and clean out any dirt/grass in the bowl indentation.

This has been a lifesaver already a few times this Summer! Thank you!! All 3 of my dogs and I give this a 5 star rating!!
2 Pc Travel Pet Bowl Water Food Portable Dog Drink Dish Water Cat Feeder Folding !! This bowl is excellent for any occasion, it is
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2. Clean the bowls regularly. Since biofilm can develop on a surface in just hours, wash your dog’s food bowl after every meal and his water bowl twice a day, Kinnarney says. If your dog spends time outside, you should have a water bowl in your yard — and you might need to clean that dish even more frequently, especially in hot weather, which provides a perfect environment for algae and bacteria to grow, Kinnarney says. Outdoor Dog Water Bowls fill dog dish automatically – OfficialDogHouse
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The Ruff Tough Kennels Dog Water Dish is made of the same durable product as our kennels are made from. It holds up to a gallon of water. This dog water dish is portable, easy to fill, and has a special hose connector at the top for ease in cleaning. Now featuring our new handle style. Ask your area extension agent if your region gets enough sunlight to make a solar-power heated water dish a value purchase. A solar-charged element will keep a water dish from icing up overnight, but it could lose its charge if too many days pass without sun. A battery-operated immersion heater is another option for keeping your dog's water liquid in freezing temperatures without resorting to plugging into the grid. It's handy to use in combination with a solar heater during stretches when the sun goes unseen.Consider a commercially available electric heated water dish to keep your dog's water from freezing if you can safely run power to your dog's shelter. Select a large dish with a chew-resistant cord if you can. Place the dish near, but not in, his shelter. If it's in his shelter and it spills, your dog will be worse off. Water in a heated dish can evaporate quickly, so plan on refilling the bowl with a gallon of water every 24 hours. There could be several reasons your dog is digging in her water bowl. Here are six possible motivations for your canine’s water dish digging, as well as solutions to help her stop. A. Off-the-wall behaviors from our dogs don’t always make sense from the human perspective even though they seem logical to the dog. The motivations for digging in the water bowl can vary from dog to dog. Although many dogs outgrow dish digging after puppyhood, others continue it throughout their lives. 2. She sees something. Stainless-steel dishes reflect light; your dog may be trying to catch the reflection by pawing and digging at the dish. Make the dish digging less fun by choosing a bowl that’s a solid, nonreflective color, or by putting water in a spillproof container. Elevating the dish may also help, but for large-breed, deep-chested dogs, elevated feeding bowls are associated with a higher risk of bloat, so talk with your veterinarian before switching.