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WHIPWORMS ARE common in dogs and found throughout the United States
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We are so sorry to hear that you had that experience as that would be alarming for anyone! We, too, remember the days before Sentinel and all the health problems that were so common from all sorts of parasites. As you know from your experience, taking your chances that your pet will not get worms has the huge drawback that if your pet does get them, he or she may get pretty sick before you realize it has happened. Additionally, your yard will then have many, many intestinal worm eggs in it, causing your pet to reacquire the worms for some time necessitating more than one treatment (unless they then go on a preventative). Pets are kept so much healthier now with the year around preventatives. Thankfully there is a good alternate product called Trifexis that can be used in most dogs to take the place of Sentinel to prevent problems from heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and fleas. The cost of the Trifexis is similar to Sentinel. The shortage of Sentinel is real as the company is not presently producing it. When they resume production (we have not been told a date), it will be available to you, and we do not expect the cost to be any higher.
Before examining whipworm treatment options, it's necessary to understand how dogs contract whipworms to better control parasite infections.
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As mentioned above, the definitive test is to find whipworm eggs with a test of your dog’s stool sample. This test needs to be performed correctly and on a relatively fresh sample. Sometimes your veterinarian will make a presumptive diagnosis of whipworms, even in the face of a negative stool sample test, based on clinical symptoms and response to appropriate therapy.

Please note that most de-worming medications that are available over the counter are not effective at killing whipworms. Your veterinarian needs to provide you with the right medications to clear a whipworm infection.

No, you cannot. People sometimes confuse whipworms with the pinworms children get. They are not the same thing.

Given the fact that whipworm eggs survive for so long in the environment, in areas where whipworms occur, all dogs are at risk of infection and previously infected dogs continue to be at risk for re-infection. Always clean up after your dog to remove feces from the environment before any eggs can become infective. Talk to your veterinarian about maintaining your dog on a monthly treatment all year round to control whipworm infections, and have your dog’s stool sample checked yearly as part of his/her routine wellness examination. Treating Whipworms in Dogs: Veterinarian reviewed information on the treatment options for dog Whipworms
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Photo provided by FlickrSep 13, 2016 - Your veterinarian can diagnose your dog for whipworms with a fecal sample and will prescribe a treatment plan suitable to your dog's needs.
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Whipworm infections can be difficult to treat due to the high incidence of re-infection from contaminated environments. Eggs, because of their thick shell are very resistant, they can remain in the environment for as long as 5 years , and in areas where whipworm is prevalent, it is almost impossible to prevent re-infection unless measures are taken to treat the dog most frequented areas. Even then, the eggs are resistant to most cleaning methods and re-infection is likely. The long (3 month) prepatent period means that dewormers given at a 2 to 3 week intervals would not control the immature stages, and treatment for this worm must be long term if there is to be any chance of success.In treating whipworms you can use one of the following: Drontal Plus, Panacur, Telmintic, and Vercom Paste. Take a visit to your vet to determine which treatment will be most effective on your dog because it is difficult to attain high drug concentrations in the colon, where whipworms live.Treatment and control for whipworm currently includes Milbemycin Oxime found in both SENTINEL and INTERCEPTOR. Both of these products offered by Novartis Animal Health are GUARANTEED to remove the adult worms with each monthly dose. Depending on the situation and environment your dog is in, your veterinarian will be able to prescribe the appropriate medication to treat your dog for these parasites. Animals with whipworms pass the infection along to other animals when the worm eggs are passed in their feces (droppings). Your pet can pick up the infection by eating infected soil or licking their contaminated fur or paws. Whipworm is extremely difficult to eliminate from infected soil. Dogs that have access to these areas often re-infect continuously. A specific treatment protocol is usually required for these dogs.