Emotional Support Dog Vest Complete with 2 Patches for small dogs

with the ptsd disabled veteran patch make my dogs vest look sharp thank you
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Reflective patches will reflect a light source which will cause them to shine in the dark. The reflective patches add a safety feature to any dog vest, harness, or clothing. Choose from 18 patch text style choices. Choose from two sizes, 2"x 4" or 1.5"x 3.5". You also have a choice of having them backed with or without a Hook and Loop backing.
I am very pleased with the quality and professional look of the service dog patches I ordered from Petjoy. Shipping was lightening fast!
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By not allowing Patches to be with Mr. Curtis, you have taken away a very teachable moment. Being around a friendly, well trained dog teaches children not to be afraid of dogs, compassion toward animals, reduces stress, and shows them what unconditional love is. I urge you to do whatever is necessary to reverse your decision as soon as possible. We're In Love With These Too-cute Patches! | Modern Dog magazine
Photo provided by FlickrTherapists - Patches, The Therapy Dog. Patchwork Quilt AKA “Patches”. Patches is a Shihtzu and works as a co- therapist with Kristy Schadt.
Photo provided by FlickrResults 1 - 32 of 53 - Service Dog full access ADA patches that are embroieded with full color to attach to your dogs service vest.
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Iggy is a foster pup who was found wandering on the streets of GA and ended up in a high kill shelter. The Perfect Pets Rescue team decided it wasn't Iggy's time to go so they pulled him from the shelter even though he was extremely matted and left eye had a bad infection. Sadly the eye could not be saved they cleaned him up and paid for his operation to remove his eye and now he's in a foster home. He was so happy to receive his eye patch and it looks fabulous on him. It was a perfect fit right out of the envelope and he wears it proudly. We are hoping this will make him look a little less scary to potential adopters as he is a fabulous dog with a good heart.This semi-triangular set is made up of four individual patches. The main Trail Dog patch can be used alone, or combined with any of our four Mileage Patches. The Trail Dog patch measures 2.5" across the bottom edge, 2.75" high.Nola and Richard Davis brought Patches home on a whim. Not the best way to bring a dog into your home, and a decision that should come with a lot of thought up front, but it is what it is, and Patches became part of the family, but there was one issue. Patches got BIG.Our 3" inch wide, 2" tall, semi-circular patch is embroidered in five colors on an off white background. Across the top it reads "WOLF PACKS in red. Our classic backpack-toting logo Wolfy sports a red dog pack. Green grass grows beneath his feet. The entire patch is finished with an edge of black embroidery.These rocker shapped patches measure 4" from tip to tip, and nest along one of the sides of the Trial Dog patch. All patches have a yellow background with a black border. Choose from six different patches: 25 Miles, 50 Miles, 100 Miles, 300 Miles (not shown). 500 Miles (not shown), 1000 Miles (not shown).Hi, One of my dogs has developed some hot spots. We know it is not allergies to food, laundry detergent etc. Both dogs are being regularly treated with against fleas and ticks and heartworm. They are 6 years old and very active on our farm. However, this year we have a very extensive "crop" of sand-burs. So when the dogs step on on, the flop down (often in the middle of yet another sand-bur patch) to gnaw it out, thus picking up additional burs and stickers. I think that is what happened to Luna. She keeps on licking that sore spot until it oozes and gets inflamed. I believe by now she licks those spots only out of habit. Some were healed up beautifully, and today I noted that one gets the tongue treatment very extensively. I have not noted any excessive scratching or other signs of itching. What can I do? I do not necessarily want to put her into a cone if I can avoid it, since that would markedly interfere with her job on the farm. By the way, although they are farm dogs, they are not strictly outside, they have their own door to get into the house at will.