Jasper dog gets head stuck in garbage can lid - YouTube

a dog to actually get stuck in a trash can with an automatic closing lid,” she says.
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My dog is almost 10 years old and has taken to both the trash and other available as they appear. We have learned to never leave anything out while we are not home. She waits till we leave for work to do this. We were locking the trash in another room while at work but recently decided to buy a new trash can with a lid that you step on to open. She has been opening the top and putting dents in the metal with her teeth. I am running out of ideas since my space is limited in that I don’t have a pantry or a place the trash can go besides the bathroom. I have even tried putting hot sauce (sirachi sp?) around the edge of the top and she still does it. I would go hotter but I worry about her safety. Please help if you can!
Sep 12, 2016 - Your first step will be to buy a heavy metal trash can with a dog-proof lid
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We choose a normal sized home kitchen trash can to prevent our small fuzzy friend from trash. You have the freedom to choose any shape and any material made trash can with a locking system to perform this job. There are 3 shapes with varying dimensions and I choose the semi-round plastic trash can with lid locking for my Bichon Frise. That is a very common choice for dog owners. And this trash can is highly evaluated by many dog owners for its true ability to keep dogs out of trash. And it seems true for my dog has not figured an effective method to get the trash out of this sturdy simplehuman canister. That annoyed him for a few days before its final acknowledgement of failure. A simple metal trash can with a pedal that opens the lid works well for many dog owners.
Photo provided by Flickrwith a button operated lid and attach the lid so the dog can't get into the trash.
Photo provided by FlickrDo you use outside trash cans that come with a lid that is easily knocked off by stray dogs
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Identical to the Steel Trash Receptacle with Lid and just as sturdy, this model also offers weather-resistant advantages of aluminum. This model can be substituted for the Steel DOGIPOT Trash Receptacle with Lid with the Aluminum DOGIPOT Pet Stations at an additional charge. Each Aluminum DOGIPOT Trash Receptacle includes one (1) box of 50 count DOGIPOT SMART Liner Trash Bags (10-gallon). It is powder-coated forest green and mounting hardware is included.Black lab walks in with trash can lid stuck on head when woman asks who got into the trash

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For all licensing inquiries please contact: info(at)homevideolicensing(dot)comYou can certainly spend hours teaching your dog to leave a trash can alone, or you can purchase a trash can with a heavy lid. Honestly, purchasing a lidded trash can is a quick and extremely effective solution. It’s not fancy, but it stops your dog from getting into your trash!A simple metal trash can with a pedal that opens the lid works well for many dog owners. Their paws can’t maneuver the pedal and it’s likely too heavy for them to knock over. That’s the case for smaller dogs, at least. A big (and determined) dog will probably have no trouble knocking it over and ravaging the contents.Plastic trash cans simply aren’t good enough. If the trash is nearly full, the lid won’t sit down properly and it will be an easy task for the dog to get inside. Plastic trash cans are also much lighter than metal ones. A bored dog will topple it with ease.I love the simple human trash can and bought it to keep my dogs from getting into the trash. However, my smaller dog jumps up, knocks it over and opens the lid. I sill like the can and will have to come up with some kind of deterrent for my dogs. It definitely isn’t dog proof. I have the semi-round 50L can.