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Please don’t let your dog go unsupervised with these or any other toys. Remember, safety first.
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The IQ Treat Ball is different than other treat dispensing toys in that it lets you select a difficulty level for you dog. Simply place few treats in the ball, select a level, and watch your pup chase the ball around before receiving a tasty reward.
Do your dogs destroy squeaky toys with ease? You need FurBallz; we're giving away five of them!
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That said, we enjoyed the toys immensely, and look forward to more hours of fun playing with them with our own dogs, perhaps to scheduling future Pawlicker Puzzle Parties. We’d like to pass along a last comment from Gretel’s human, James Latonick, and direct it to Nina Ottosson and the people at Paw Lickers Boutique and Bakery, “Thank you for a great time!” Distraction Toys: These are toys that keep your dog busy when you don't have the time to play:
Photo provided by FlickrOur customers love the Simply Fido Organic Toy collection and the Hip Doggie crocheted toys!
Photo provided by FlickrDurable dog toys, including the world famous ,  and . All made in the U.S.A.
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Any pet lover knows that dogs love the feel and of “squeaky” toys, but enduring the high-pitched repetition in the wee hours of the night can drive any pet-parent crazy! Ultrasonic HEAR DOGGY!® toys are made with a squeaker ONLY your dog can hear!Dogs as a general rule love to pull on toys and chew on things. So, I’ve found a great collection of DIY dog chew and pull toys that will ensure your little furry family member doesn’t ruin your furniture.Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my dogs; all dogs really. Dogs are the most loyal, most loving creatures in the world and those of us who have them in our families, like to treat them as the special creatures they are. To that avail, I’ve collected 25 different DIY dog toys that I think you and your furry friend are going to love.If your little pet does happen to chew the furniture before you try your hand at these DIY chew toys, be sure to check these quick and easy ways to . That being said, let’s get started making your dogs some great DIY dog chews and toys that they will love. Enjoy this collection of simple, homemade toys for your dogs that are so cheap you can make one for every dog on the block. You can buy dog toys all day long at any pet shop, but honestly where’s the fun in that? These DIY toys are cheaper and very easy to make, and you can ensure that there’s nothing in there that could harm your pet like chemicals or small items they could choke on. These are safe, easy to make homemade dog chew toys and playthings that will keep your dog happy and safe at the same time. Despite the constant media comments about how we pamper our pets, toys are no mere luxury. Experts say that dogs need them, and need more than one kind. That doesn’t mean more bells and whistles, just different types. Toys can take the edge off a bad day, like a stress ball you squeeze when you’re mad. Softer toys a dog can “baby” satisfy gentler instincts. Frisbees, balls and tugs are ways to share the fun, while squeaky playthings cry out for attack. They make the world go round. They make it bounce, roll and soar. They’re objects that inspire play, enrich training, ease boredom and curb problem behaviors. Toys, according to the experts (and every dog worth his molars), are a must-have. Everyone suffers from boredom from time to time. It’s only natural for dogs to feel it too. Too often they can be left alone for long hours and get themselves into trouble when they’re bored. So I got together with Spartacus and put together a list of great DIY dog toys you can make to bust the boredom, for both you and your pup.