Grass-Fed Raw, Frozen Goat's Milk for Dogs and Cats ..

All my dogs, over the years, (and the cats), have thoroughly enjoyed goats milk
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The Honest Kitchen provides digestive support for both cats and dogs with nourishing nutritional supplements. Perfect Form is an herbal supplement that helps with gas and regularity, and soothes the GI tract. Pro Bloom is a delicious blend of goat's milk and 5 billion active probiotic cultures for a healthy gut and immune system.
Feb 4, 2016 - Both cow's and goat's milk contains considerably less protein and fat than dogs' milk
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And if goat’s milk is so amazing for us, why not share it with our canine (and feline) companions? Not only is it safe to give your pet goat’s milk, it’s also incredibly good for them. Although raw milk for human consumption is illegal, if the milk is sold for pets, it’s ok if it’s sold for dogs. We recommend the . treats and other things made from goats milk; but for dogs, cats or other animals..
Photo provided by FlickrRaw goat's milk is a great supplement for dogs and cats with digestive issues
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Raw goat’s milk is a natural offering better digestibility of your pet’s food and it contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which is found only in milk from grass-fed dairy animals. have linked CLA with a lower risk of cancer. Raw Goat’s milk is also perfect for sensitive digestive systems including those dogs with irritable bowel systems and it’s a natural antihistamine and has anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce the effects of certain allergies.Talking about raw goat’s milk is really a passion of mine, and chances are I might talk your head off about it if the topic ever comes up in conversation. I want to give you a brief overview of the benefits of raw goat’s milk and share some of the positive results I have seen happen with my own dogs on goat’s milk. Seriously, the results my retailers, their customers and I have seen goat’s milk do for pets are truly amazing. What about the safety of unpasteurized, raw goat’s milk for dogs and cats? Today’s certified raw milk is produced under stricter standards than pasteurized milk. Raw goat’s milk also contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein and fatty acids all easily assimilated by the body.I wouldnt recommend the goats milk for an adult dog, this is usually just used for puppies who are weaning and to help aid in growth and digestion, as goats milk closely resembles the mothers milk. If you're thinking of trying this for a dog over 6 months old, like previously mentioned just give some cheese or yogurt occasionally although personally I would recommend the goat products over cow products (easier on dogs digestive system)A puppy receiving nourishment from his mother drinks a milk containing 35.5 percent protein, 43 percent fat and 15.4 percent lactose. By comparison, cow's milk contains 26.6 percent protein, 30.6 percent fat and 37.9 percent lactose. Goat's milk consists of 25.4 percent protein, 34.6 fat and 30.8 percent lactose. Both cow's and goat's milk contains considerably less protein and fat than dogs' milk. As you'll notice, goat's milk contains twice as much lactose as that from a dog; and cow's milk contains even more. Because of the high lactose content, either milk is liable to cause diarrhea in puppies. My two year old lab suddenly came down with a yeast infection on his belly, under his legs, and around his neck. Vet gave him a steroid shot and prescribed antibiotics. The treatment worked temporarily but the problem soon returned.

Did a lot of online research and decided to go with a natural treatment which consisted of adding apple cider vinegar, probiotics, grapefruit seed extract and virgin coconut oil to his diet. It did work, but slowly.

I continued my research and found some information online about raw goats milk and the benefits of helping cure yeast infections in dogs (it helps balance the immune system).

I first took him off the food I was feeding as it contained some starch which helps feed the yeast and put him on a limited ingredient food, added the raw goats milk and virgin coconut oil (Whole Foods).

Within a week the infection started clearing up and I have continued with this treatment and he has not had one outbreak since. It has been seven months since I started the treatment. It was a miracle! Also, his coat is full and shiny.