Not that I go around yanking on my dogs balls.

And I think dogs balls drop before they're one, so that might not be the best way to tell his age.
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The Brazil Openbrought rescue dogs on court to retrieve tennis balls, in an effort in Sao Paulo. Just like , the practice—like the dogs—was very good. This year’s crop of pups: Cindy, Nanda, Pretinha, Mia, Arlete and Ovelha. I couldn’t tell you which one of them was caught enriching the clay.
"Myra was so old her eyes were begining to look like dogs balls "
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According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, “Dogs that chew on tennis balls or other abrasive toys (think of a tennis ball as a scouring pad), will often wear their smaller front cheek teeth (premolars), and the back aspect of the canines.” Veterinary opinions vary about the degree of danger tennis balls pose to a dog’s dental health. If your dog is a serious tennis-ball chewer, you may notice the tooth wear as the tips of your dog’s teeth become less sharp and more blunted over time. Some safety tips for tennis ball play with your dog: "archibald was so tired from hoomfing his  the night before his eyes were like dogs balls "
Photo provided by FlickrMicheal looks in the mirror and sais to his  ive got "eyes like dogs balls"
Photo provided by FlickrThey're dogs, fercryingoutloud, not people. They aren't going to miss their balls. It's not mean.
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We used to think they were crazy, but now we see they’re nuts. Neuticles, the testicular implants for dogs and other pets, seemed like a bad joke when they were introduced in 1995. These days they’re still a joke, but one that is catching on all over the place. The company claims – that comes out to over one million fake balls “served.”I am helping a friend by taking his dog to the vet to get a microchip. The dog sometimes runs away, so the microchip would be a great help. I am thinking about taking advantage of the free neuter that comes along with the microchip. My friend hasn't had his dog neutered because he "just can't bring [himself] to" but I think the dog's escapist tendencies are exacerbated by balls. Not to mention unwanted pregnancies. So, as uncomfortable as being on the side of eugenics makes me feel, I think this is the right decision. Is that okay?Laugh about fake dog balls all you want, but the inventor makes a solid point when he says his product has encouraged more people to get their dogs neutered. Anything that lowers the number of unwanted dogs in the world is probably a net good.A dog's testicles aren't like his hair; once they're gone, they're gone forever. They are, in that respect, similar to the feelings of affection this friend has for you; taken for granted until the day you chop his dog's balls off in secret.Dogs Chasing Balls - Dogs running around on the beach, dogs chasing each other, catching a frisbee, playing football, playing fetch and generally having lots of fun.
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Fetch is a fun game to play with any dog. It involves throwing a ball or other toy, and having your dog chase it and bring it back to you. Many people think this game is something dogs do naturally, but very often they need to learn how to do it, or at least some part of it.
Here's how to train a dog to fetch:

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here on Tumblr: The dogs walked out onto the court with the tennis players, ranked 122nd and 140th, who played along and intentionally missed some of the balls.