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[…] was caused by vaccinating him too early." My Dog Died from his Vaccinations – Dogs – MedHelp Combo Shots for Dogs: A Dangerous Convenience | Truth4Dogs Over-Vaccination – Dog Owners Beware – Whole Dog Journal Article Are too many vaccinations bad […]
Doxies are more likely than most dogs to experience reactions to combo shots.
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[…] the great majority of revaccination of adult dogs is unnecessary and never explained. (See Vaccinating Dogs: 10 Steps to Eliminating Unnecessary Shots.) If your dog had a vaccine that wasn’t needed and suffered a reaction, your vet might worry […] […] Combination shots for dogs : weapons of over-vaccination – Jan Rasmusen […]
Photo provided by FlickrThis will likely be hard to hear, but your adult dogs surely didn’t need more puppy shots. Please read this:  And find another vet.
Photo provided by Flickr[…] Go to: Combo Shots for Dogs: A Dangerous Convenience. Go to: Info on what to do if your fur friend has a reaction to the vaccine. […]
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We knew it must be true because the vets told us so. The vets got their information from the vaccine manufacturers. The fact that vets and vaccine manufacturers have a financial incentive for urging us to get lots of shots for our dogs didn't seem to occur to us.Just as humans seek vaccines to prevent and/or minimize the severity of illnesses or disease, dogs need shots too. Only instead of seeking vaccines to prevent things like measles, dogs require vaccines to prevent the onset of the likes of rabies, distemper, parvovirus and more. However, the frequency at which dogs need these vaccines is largely dependent on their age, the record keeping of the owner and the owner’s vet practice and the professional opinion of the veterinarian as it pertains to what non-core vaccines are necessary for the particular animal. As an example, puppies need more vaccines than adult dogs do as their immune systems are in development to stave off potentially dangerous illnesses. This post will take a closer look at dog vaccines and answer the question, what shots do dogs need yearly?Question: having waded through a multitude of e papers, I am still at a loss at to vaccination protocol's when taking a dog into a boarding establishment. I operate a very strict policy on no vaccination no boarding. but........ rural vets tend to think people do not need holidays and therefore do not vaccinate dogs against bordotella as a matter of routine....now....this is the dilemma...... just exactly when can we accept dogs for boarding if we require them to have been vaccinated???????????? instantly?, after what period?, or yes you had shots last year and are not fully expired so that is fine???, also....our vet sanction's 9mths for bordetalla...what is the formal reconing, as every vet is different???????????? I would appreciate some continuity in the matter as I loose out on thousands every year because I am bemused!!!!!!!!!.. sorry ...I really need some clarification on this matter, as xmas is coming and I need to ensure all vaccinations are up to date and the information I give is correct..... I will appreciate your reply Dr. .Lovie In plain English.... booster shots don't work if your dog's system already has antibodies from previous vaccinations. The existing antibodies neutralize the booster shot.As we stated early, just as humans seek vaccines to prevent and/or minimize the severity of illnesses or disease, dogs need shots too. As is the case with any type of care when it comes to your dog, it’s always best to consult the veterinarian about vaccines and how often to receive both core and non-core vaccines (if applicable).But vets must stop using the false pretext that "yearly shots are necessary" just to lure us into their offices. And we mustn't compromise our dog's health by agreeing to vaccines that are unnecessary and harmful.