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We highly recommend DSL. They take excellent care of our 2 pups, respond quickly to questions, and post 100's of pics every day so you can see your pet interacting. Our 9-month old boxer/lab has had a few training sessions with Alfredo (the real dog whisperer) and the changes in Ranger were amazing! All of the staff really do speak dog as their second language!
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I love bringing my dog to DSL! Alfredo did a great job with one on one training, really working with my pup and me to understand each other. My dog has a lot of anxiety issues but after just one session with Alfredo, he was excited to be there and ready to play and learn. The daycare and boarding at DSL have been a great way to work on those issues, too. Alfredo and his staff, who are friendly to dogs and owners alike, understand what limitations my dog has but also work with him to encourage progress. And I love that they post a ton of pics to Facebook so I can see how my dog is doing. Email and text communication is great, too. Overall, they are attentive, caring, and knowledgeable! Doggie Daycare - DSL Dog Training Boarding and Daycare
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FieldTrainer® 425, SD-425S, WetlandHunter® 425CAMO, YardTrainer 105, SD-105S, and SD-350, DSL-400 accessory beeper, Lucky Dog training accessories, Locator Beacon Lights and SBC-6, SBC-18, SBC-R, and SBC-10R bark control collars, as well as SDR-AC, SDR-AF, and SDR-AS Add-A-Dog® receiver collars have a Warranty Period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.Know where your dog is even when you can’t see him! Made especially for hunting pheasants with pointing dogs in tall grass or ruffed grouse and woodcock in thick brush. The SportDOG Deluxe DSL 400 Beeper Locator is the most advanced upland beeper on the market and is audible from up to 400 yards away with 4 beeper sounds and 3 run/point modes. On the left hand side of the unit choose from beep, hawk scream, bobwhite recall or trill sounds on one dial; on the other dial choose from the 3 run/point modes: 1) silent run/beep every second on point 2) beep every 5 seconds while running/every second on point 3) beep every 10 seconds while running/beep every second on point. Setting 4 on that dial is a battery indicator that will give you a quick high tone double beep for good battery or a long low tone single beep for low battery (replacement needed). Also choose between high and low beeper volume on the switch, always starting a dog new to the beeper on low volume in a training scenario prior to going into a live hunting situation. The right hand knob on the unit serves as the on/off switch.Ralph the dog is beginning week 4 of 5 total. I will visit him soon to learn the commands to reinforce his training long term. I would recommend "Dogs as a second language" or DSL for short.Dog training in Charlotte and the surrounding area is easy with DSL! Your dog really CAN be a joy to take on walks, have around guests and even in the same room with you at dinner! When you and your dog speak the same language, it relieves your stress! Let our professional dog trainer teach you that language!