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Just some pictures of very FAT...OBESE DOGS AND CATS!!
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Fat can be used as a flavor enhancer to make different and interesting dishes for your cats and dogs, and also to make veggies more palatable! This is especially helpful if your pets are finicky eaters. My cats like to eat different kinds of meals, and protest if they get the same kind of meat two days in a row.
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We ensure that your dog will be given an optimum amount of attention from our staff and socialization with other dogs. At Healthy Hounds and Fat Cats, the well being of your dog is of the greatest importance to all of our team members. We are dedicated to the health and well being of all our animal friends, whether you board with us or are looking for supplies. Now have you seen, met, or do you know ANY fat/overweight cats and dogs where you lived?
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Just about everyone who discusses pet obesity says somewhere that dogs and cats are fat because the number of calories they take in eating is more than the number of calories they burn (). Can’t argue with that. Just about everyone considers fat pets to be at a greater risk of health issues down the road – can’t argue with that either. A new study says Minnesota has the fattest dogs and cats in the nation. President of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association Tim Krienke says that matches up with what he’s seeing and, “We, unfortunately, probably spend a big part of our office visit after the physical exam discussing weight issues.”In case you're wondering, there's no shortage of morbidly obese animals on the Internet. There are fat animal pics of everything from obese dogs, enormous cats, obese skunks, and even the odd fat bear are here in this list. Some of these fat pets you'll look at and wonder what their humans were thinking, others you're going to want to steal just so you can invite people over to gaze at your crazy fat cat.“Dogs and cats are getting fatter,” the annual report states. “The prevalence of excess body weight has increased by 37 percent in dogs and 90 percent in cats since 2007.”The biggest challenge in addressing pet obesity, Linder and other specialists say, is that most owners are not good judges of their pet’s weight. Nearly 40 percent of owners of overweight pets think their animal does not have a problem, research shows. And veterinarians are leery of pointing out fat cats and dogs, because they do not want to insult the owners.Commercial weight reduction diets for dogs and cats work. They all rely on lowering the diet’s fat content, upping its protein content and lowering its carbohydrate content. Above all, they contain large amounts of calorie-free fiber to give the pet the sense of stomach fullness and so, discourage over eating. As importantly, these bulky low-cal diets also give the owner the feeling that the pet is not being deprived of a full meal. However,
cats on dry kibble diets rarely if ever drink sufficient water. That can lead to other health problems. For cats, canned diets are better although, over time, those tend to cause considerable gum and dental disease. New formula over-the-counter hard dental chews can alleviate that – if you can get your cat to accept them. Things like standard Milk Bones are completely ineffective.

I personally recommend that pet owners prepare their own moist diets from scratch at home to avoid many of the potential problems in the way commercial pet foods are manufactured. Making your cat’s diet at home also allows you to avoid carbohydrate glut which, among other things, encourages obesity. Read about that , and if you wish. Cats, in particular, require minimum levels of animal fat in their diets below that they do not thrive (~10%).