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You may also consider visiting an All-Breed Dog Show. This will give you an opportunity to view firsthand virtually every breed recognized by the American Kennel Club. In addition to seeing a variety of dogs, you will have a chance to talk with dedicated breeders, people concerned with the welfare and advancement of their chosen breed. You can learn a lot from these knowledgeable and dedicated folks, who can also lead you to breeders of the particular breed in the area. Go to our to find an upcoming event in your area.
Dog Breed Guide. Whether you currently have a dog as part of your family, or simply want to find out more about specific dog breeds, this is the place for you.
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While it's generally not difficult to find purebred dogs in need of loving homes at animal shelters, you'll also likely find a large selection of mixed-breed dogs. It might seem that a mixed-breed dog's temperament would be harder to predict than those that are bred to a particular standard, but if you know which breeds make up the mixed breed's heritage, it's not that hard. Generally, mixed-breed dogs tend to have a balance of the predominant traits of their parents. Often they tend to have more middle-of-the-road personalities rather than the extremes you sometimes get with purebred dogs. Also, according to the , mixed-breed dogs are less prone to genetic defects that sometimes result from overbreeding purebred dogs. If you're considering a shelter dog, talk to the shelter's adoption counselor about the personality traits you're looking for. He or she should be able to help you find the best match. Great search tools to help you find the right type of dog or other pet that matches your lifestyle. Take a breed quiz!
Photo provided by FlickrLooking to find the perfect dog for you? Browse our huge list of dog breeds to find all the info you need to choose your perfect companion.
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There is an overwhelming choice of different breeds and cross breeds. Each breed has their own characteristics but all dogs need food, shelter, exercise, love and affection. The Noah's Dogs six step compatibility test will help you consider both your needs and the needs of the dog so that you find the one for you. The one you will love and love you for life.
Are you and your family looking forward to adopting or purchase a dog, but don't know which dog breed will be perfect for your family? This video could help, watch it now to learn how to find out which dog breed is right for you.

It’s been proven that having a pet helps people lead happier lives at any age. For children, taking care of pets help them learn about responsibility, compassion, and unconditional love. Meanwhile, adults with pets tend to have less anxiety, pain, and depression compared to those without.
Dogs, in particular, are probably one of the best pets. According to researchers at the American Heart Association, having a dog actually reduces your risk for cardiovascular diseases due to lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, and improved immune system. Dogs bring a lot to their owners’ lives, and they also deserve to be live in an environment wherein their physical and emotional needs are adequately met. Although they do have unique personalities, their breed informs most traits like size, activity level, care needs, and independence. Before getting one, make sure your new furry companion will be a good fit by following these guidelines on how to find out which dog breed is right for you. The American Kennel Club website is a great resource for pictures of all the currently recognized dog breeds, as well as many rare breeds. By browsing through their , you may be able to find distinct similarities between your own pet and one or more breed images. This can give you a basic idea about which breed or breeds are behind your dog. If your new dog is to be strictly a companion, choose several breeds that appeal to you in physical appearance (including coat type, size and shape) and then research the other breed characteristics. One of the most important factors to consider is the origin of the breed. If a dog was originally bred to herd and protect, these behaviors are the most strongly inherited and you may find your family being herded through your own home like sheep! Although that is a funny picture, if this natural instinct is left unsatisfied, some dogs will become frustrated and develop bad behaviors.