FirstMate Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2017

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First you need to be sure that NOTHING you buy is made in China or has any ingredient from China! With that said, I highly recommend Wellness Core food. We have my Gordon Setter (4) and kitten on the food and they are doing well-Made in the USA too. Any food made in China has the risk of having plastic in it-I firmly believe that some of the food under recall caused the ultimate Liver Cancer and death of one of my previous dogs-fed her Iams and Eukanuba all her life and saw the decline in health after one of the food recalls due to china ingredients!
FirstMate Australian Lamb Dog Food is great. ~ reviewed by William R. Brown
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Before the Science Diet fiasco, my dog was also previously on Acana but it made my dog extremely gassy; I don’t think I have ever heard a dog fart so much in my life! My dog has not been passing any gas with this new food – I will continue to feed him First Mate because the balance and quality of ingredients seem to suit him very well.A Safe, Healthy Alternative. FirstMate Pet Foods is Canada’s choice for quality Pet Food. As a family-owned and operated manufacturer, we have full control over. Anyone tried this Food ? FirstMate – pet foods I was thinking about rotating in this food because Candy is on Fromm only right now, I thought it’d. FirstMate Dog Food review and analysis to help you choose if FirstMate is best for your dog.There have been no reports on hypersensitivity reactions in dogs. In fact, many dog owners love that the ingredients are specified and are of high quality with viable animal-based protein sources. A few negative reviews arise from digestive upsets that may occur when making the switch from one dog food brand to FirstMate dog food. Overall, we believe this is a good quality dog food brand and would recommend it.