Flea dips designed for dogs can kill a cat

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The collars that are sold for the prevention of fleas is not a very good overall protection for the pet. The collar only protects the area around your pets neck not the entire body. So this is not a very good item if you want your pet to have total protection. Most of the collars also only will protect your pet against fleas only. If there are any other pets in the home,they may chew on the collar which is toxic to the pet chewing on it. It is also not a good idea for you as the owner to touch the collar if possible so around kids is a big no.


A Flea Dip is used on only dogs when an owner wants to get rid of fleas on the pet instantaneously. The flea dip will only kill the fleas and eggs that are on the dog at the time. You will have to keep repeating this process in order to keep the fleas off all the time. Flea dips have a strong odor and it is a lot easier to use a topical application than to repeat the flea dip process.


Bravecto is a treat you give your pet and it will help prevent flea infestation for 12 weeks! Click Here for more information.
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The biggest issue with giving a cat a flea dip is safety. Not the safety of the humans involved -- although that could also be a problem -- the safety of the chemicals being used on the cat. Flea dips designed for dogs can kill a cat. A cat's body cannot process the chemicals the way a dog does, and the result is a poisoned kitty. Never use a flea dip that is marked only for dogs. Be sure the dip is intended for use on cats. Also, if you intend to dip a young kitten, check the label to see if it's safe for young kittens or only for adult cats. Follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly so that you don't accidentally poison your cat. Cats with health problems or that are very skinny should not be dipped, even in solutions designed for cats. Your cat should be healthy before getting a flea dip. 18 Items - Clean their coat safely with safe, effective flea dips and flea & tick shampoo for dogs. Protect your pet from pests.
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Follow your veterinarian's recommendations for using flea dips or shampoos for pets. Use a topical serum (ie. Biospot or Frontline). Read labels carefully. There is risk of toxic reaction from careless use of flea control products. Cats are especially sensitive. Many products suitable for adult dogs cannot be used on cats and puppies.At Linwood Animal Hospital, we offer medical baths and flea dips for both dogs and cats. We will also groom pets under sedation if they are not able to be handled by a groomer.Safety
There are issues concerning the safety of flea dips. In fact, some veterinarians are against their use completely. However, you can prevent harm from coming to your pet by administering a flea dip the right way. For starters, keep an eye on the dosage. Talk to your vet about how much flea dip needs to be administered. If you are careless, you could end up causing your pet’s death. Certain studies have shown that many pet deaths are linked to the use of pyrethrin. Also, avoid the “more is better” approach. This is a horrible approach to follow, especially when dealing with chemicals. Follow the vet’s instructions concerning dosage. Also, find out whether the dip is specifically concocted for cats or dogs. This is more important than you think. Cats are known to be sensitive and a flea dip for dogs could be too strong for them.The term “flea dip” has been around in some form or another since at least the 1870s when pet owners started using the same dips on their dogs and cats that farmers used to rid their cattle and sheep of fleas, ticks, and , according to various accounts in 19th century newspapers.EPA requires that products used as flea dips for dogs and catsmust have labels cautioning the users to wear long-sleeved shirts,long pants, elbow-length waterproof gloves, waterproof aprons, andunlined waterproof boots. Because animals that have been dipped orsprayed with pesticides have become ill or have died, EPA now requiresthat the product label state that a dog or cat may be poisoned if theproduct is not properly diluted before use. There are however, natural alternatives. To help you decide which ones might be best for you and your dog, we will highlight the top 3 natural flea dips for dogs.