Forbid in the other dogs food, has worked for me 2 dogs in a row.

I have used For-Bid on two occasions with a couple of different problem dogs
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Use taste deterrents on feces. Some people find that finely ground black pepper, crushed hot pepper, Tabasco® sauce, and Bitter Apple® works. However, you must apply the deterrent consistently to all feces that your dog can access for a significant period so that he comes to expect that all feces taste horrible. You may need to use the deterrent weeks or even months, depending on the length of time the coprophagia has been going on.

Some medications on the market also create nasty tasting feces. Forbid® and Deter® are a couple of products that have proven to help some dogs stop eating feces.
Our nearly one year old puppy had decided it enjoyed eating our dogs poop….yuck. After using For-Bid, she stopped her nasty habit
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For-bid is expensive but an effective deterrent of the habit. However I did sprinkle a few msg on my dogs dry food for a week and the pup who usually eats my other dog’s feces stopped the habit. It is normal for pups and a lot of animals to eat their feces for a lot of biological reasons. Unfortunately this habit should be stopped eventually since eating feces can harbor bacteria et al like salmonella, e coli which is harmful to humans and easily transmitted through thru your dog’s licking on your face or mouth. When a dog is eating another dog’s stool or out of a cat’s litter box, feed For-Bid™ to all animals involved as directed above.
Photo provided by FlickrOur puppy eats our older dog's poop. We tried “forbid” a powdered product that was supposed to have an awful taste. What else can we do?
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FOR-BID is a highly purified crystalline edible protein fraction which, when mixed with food and fed to dogs, curbs coprophagy (consumption of feces).FOR-BID is a highly purified crystalline edible protein fraction which when mixed with food and fed to dogs curbs coprophagy (consumption of feces). [After sprinkling on food it] goes through the gastrointestinal tract, and the breakdown product of “For-Bid”™ ends up in the feces. The animal is then sensitized to their feces. When the animal next attempts to eat this feces, the villa of the tongue react, and the animal discards it. FOR-BID is a highly purified crystalline edible protein fraction which when mixed with food and fed to dogs curbs coprophagy (consumption of feces). This product imparts a forbidden and unpalatable taste to the feces.Adolph’s Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer has popular reputation for cutting down on dogs eating feces. The usage is similar to the Alpar Lab’s For-Bid powder: sprinkle some on your dog’s food and it is supposed to make their droppings taste awful. Yes, I realize this is an odd concept; shouldn’t it already taste bad?Many owners have had success in stopping this behavior by supplementing their dog's diet with one spoonful of canned pineapple or a teaspoon of spinach. There are products on the market such as 'Forbid' that can also be added to the dog's food to help stop the problem.For-Bid is an edible protein that can be added to the dog’s food tostop him from ingesting his own feces. Even though this protein istasty when ingested, it gives the feces an unpleasant taste that thedog is most likely to reject.