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Dog Gate - My Man-Cave Part 1—DIY Dog Fence for Garage Doors — Imaginary Zebra™ // IZ™ ..
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"Thanks for the best dog gate ever! I have 3 Greyhounds and their room is between the kitchen and the garage. I keep the garage door open for air circulation and it is a heavily used entrance/exit. The room is also 2 steps down from the garage. No other dog door was practical; this one is fantastic and so easy to use. I can leave the door open with the gate in place when I leave and since the dogs can now see me they no longer jump and scratch at the door. The mesh is still perfect even though they occasionally get excited and have jumped up and scratched it. This gate is well worth the money. Convenience, quality, and prompt delivery. Thanks again for making my life easier!"
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If your dog is a door dasher, a dog that runs out the front door, side gate, or garage door, then teach your dog to “Wait” at the door, gate, etc. Dog gate across a garage door [Archive] - The Garage Journal Board
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Photo provided by FlickrDog Gate - My Man-Cave Part 1—DIY Dog Fence for Garage Doors.
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