Learn How to Make Gluten-Free Dog Biscuits From Scratch

These easy-to-make, gluten-free ginger dog biscuits are good for dogs with motion sickness.
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Have you been checking off the gift list to see who you haven’t finished shopping for yet? Are there one or more special names that should be on the list but aren’t? I’m talking about the four legged family members of course. If there isn’t a check by their names yet, I’ll help you out. This gluten free dog biscuit recipe is easy to make, good for a pups digestion and dogs love them!
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With most biscuit recipes you can just swap out the wheat flours for a gluten-free flour (like rice flour or coconut flour). The biggest difference you might notice is the texture and consistency of the biscuit. But truly, your fur baby won’t care at all! The recipe I’m posting today is a gluten-free peanut butter pumpkin dog biscuit. I’ve made sure to keep this recipe completely gluten-free, so you won’t have to worry about swapping out any flours. If you want your pup to avoid wheat, then just follow the recipe as is! Store the Gluten-free Dog Biscuits in a food storage bag or airtight container.
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Photo provided by FlickrWinter is the time of year for baking. Make these gluten free dog biscuits for your dog and as gifts for the dog lovers in your life.
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This warmer weather has put me in such a tropical mood. Along with busting out my colorful summer dresses, I’ve filled my kitchen with tons of fruit, ice pops, and other summer treats. Yummmmyyyyyy. I figured, since I’m all ready for summer, my dogs must be too. That’s why when I started running out of my last batch of biscuits, I decided to play around with new ingredients. The result — these Tropical Gluten-Free dog treats! Enjoy this wonderful recipe for homemade gluten free dog biscuits. We found it in Gluten Free & More magazine and decided to make some for our dog, Buddy. We would like to share it so your dog can enjoy them too. They are gluten-free and egg-free.After reading an article in  (affiliate link) last month, I came across a recipe for Gluten Free Cranberry & Spinach Dog Biscuits. To be honest, I had never thought about making Buddy a homemade treat before but suddenly I was feeling inspired… or maybe I was just beaten down. Let me explain.Being raised in a warm part of the country, whenever you saw candy canes in the stores, it signaled the beginning of winter. Now when I see candy canes, I think of dog treats! Making these special gluten free dog biscuits is not only fun, but they make wonderful gifts for all those deserving pups.Gluten free dog biscuits are just as easy to make as the typical wheat variety. You may need a couple different flours to add to your pantry, but the process is familiar. We've decorated these seasonal homemade dog biscuits like candy canes and made a show stopping candy cane dog cookie sandwich, too.Treat your best friend to some well-deserved deliciousness with these Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. They are made with millet and brown rice flour and are gluten-free and vegan, because you really, really care. Also soy-free and wholegrain.