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Kuranda Aluminum Dog beds will give your dog a lift with the orthopedic support and comfort of a patented chew proof dog bed. This high strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum will stand up to the toughest dogs, indoors or out. The satin colored aluminum frame blends perfectly with the heavy duty vinyl fabric that comes on the bed. The 40 oz Vinyl is the most durable option. This fabric is ideal for large, heavy dogs and dogs that like to dig. The corners and legs of the bed are also aluminum. Manufactured in the USA.
It may be a little more expensive than other heavy duty dog beds, but it’s certainly well worth paying a few extra dollars for.
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I ordered the individual smaller beds years ago and have had them outside. I was impressed that they still look like new, so I decided to get another larger bed for inside (for both boxers to share). The bed looks great and is the same heavy duty quality of the ones I purchased several years ago. I am really happy with it and so are my dogs. I had other dog beds inside but the dog hair stuck to them so they were very hard to keep clean. These beds make it easy, the hair vacuums right off. They are a little expensive but I think they will last forever and also Diane is great to work with. I had a lot of questions and she got right back to me on everything. Have a dog or pet whose a bit “rough n’ tumble?” Give this heavy duty pet bed a try as the perfect craft to make for them.
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The design of the heavy duty dog bed you purchase will depend on the sleeping style and needs of your furry friend. Just as with people, every pup has her own favorite sleeping position. There’s a bed to match each.The bed has strong detailed stitching and heavy fabric. The fill is in nylon cases which make them easy to remove for cleaning and to replace without much effort. The thick canvas outer material is heavy duty in construction, but buttery soft against your dog.There are five separate zippers on this bed, one for each of the sides and another for the bottom. The interior of the bed includes five separate pillows with a strong nylon covering for each. The single bottom pillow has three sections which keep the fill from clumping. The heavy duty zippers are hidden beneath material flaps and are not easily accessible to curious dogs.You should ask this question about the canvas and the tubing. Cheap, thin PVC can be chewed through easily and can break the bed and harm your dog. Also, what sort of fabric is the bed made of? It should be a heavy-duty canvas similar to your jeans. Thin, low thread count fabric will likely tear the larger your dog gets. Be careful of this when you are looking for a bed, especially online.Either way, this chew-proof bed for dogs from Orvis is designed for semi heavy duty chewers. It's big, comfortable, high quality and tough. The cover is removable, and you can always wash it in the machine. Again, remember to read this chewproof dog bed reviews from other pet owners before deciding on anything.The Kuranda Bed is the only genuinely chew proof bed available. Kuranda beds are the only beds that tuck the fabric safely inside our specially designed frame hidden from the dogs. The fabric is a thick heavy duty 40oz vinyl. Kuranda beds are built to last.