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Plush toys are usually made from fabric or fleece and many contain squeakers. Although some plush toys are very heavy duty, others can quickly destroyed by aggressive chewers.
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Oct 30, 2016 - Heavy duty dog toys for aggressive chewers
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We used to have a dog like this. In fact, we're STILL pulling giraffe stuffing out of crevices in our furniture, three years later! What I discovered, though, is that he had no prejudice regarding the shape of his toys. And I had a heavy-duty needle for my sewing machine. I picked up some really cheap canvas and heavy denim fabric and some stuffing, and came up with creative shapes for homemade toys. Unlike stuffed toys for a child, those for a dog don't have to teach anything; they just have to be fun for the dog to chew on. The specific shapes are to please the humans, not the dogs. Another thing to keep in mind is that your sewing doesn't have to be exact or perfect because all your puppy cares about is that she can eventually rip it apart. So you don't have to have your seams totally lined up, which makes the sewing process faster. You might even find some of that fake lambswool fabric on sale. You can shape it into a stick figure or bone if you like and it will be just like the $8 item I saw at Petco yesterday. (And ask your puppy to shred one in memory of Louchi, who once managed to keep a giraffe for a week, but otherwise made sure that no stuffed toy saw the sun set in HIS domain!)
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We’re not sure why he does this, but his behavior didn’t stop out of its own volition; we ended up having to hide our shoes from him. Realizing that he could no longer attack our footwear, Walter chose to chew on the legs of the chairs, and then the arms of the couch.
At our wits end and this close to muzzling him, we decided to look into researching best dog chew toys. He already had many of them, but they weren’t heavy-duty enough to withstand his chewing and would often break down after just a few days. Eventually, we that worked for him (which is at the #2 spot on the list below), and so far, he’s left other household items alone.PetSafe’s Busy Buddy line of dog toys . They are made from a tough scented rubber that can put up with some heavy duty chewing fun. Each presents a different challenge for your dog, as they try to figure out just how to get at the goodies inside. As we have mentioned previously, this type of stimulation is extremely important for the health and happiness of your dog.OVERVIEW: This dog chew toy comes in black and has a variation in sizes, ranging from small to XX-Large. The toy is called “extreme” because – unlike the KONG toy at #1 – it is for heavy duty chewers that destroy all other toys that have the misfortune to be placed in their path. The toy is made of a strong, durable rubber compound that can handle the most determined of gnawers. This toy can be filled with treats and it even bounces if you want to play fetch with it.Petco Rubber Textured Bone Dog Toy this might work for bubba he chews and goes through toys even hard bones about as soon as I give them to him :/ he is what you would call a heavy duty chewer lolThe Mammoth TireBiter Stick Toy is made from real-tire-tough material with heavy duty chew-resistant rubber. The toy is nontoxic and safe for dogs. A combination of nylon fibers and natural rubber work to remove tartar and plaque to clean gums and teeth. With the Mammoth TireBiter Stick Toy, you can tug, play fetch, toss, and tease you dog for endless fun. The medium size is recommended for regular chewers between 30-50 lbs. and heavy chewers from 15-30 lbs. The toy is 1 1/2" in diameter and measures 12" long.

Mammoth Pet Products has been manufacturing innovative, high quality dog products since 1995. All products are designed and manufactured with consumer product, environmental, workplace and material testing standards in mind. The products we offer on J&J feature fibers that help improve dental health so that your dog can have fun without sacrificing his health! The company manufactures products for all breeds that range from squeakers, tugs and chew toys for even the most active chewers.The best indestructible dog toys will be made from durable materials that withstand and resist the harsh punishment that an aggressive chewer can dish out. This is accomplished primarily with durable heavy duty rubber that can be formed into a wide selection of smells, shapes, and textures.